Posted by: Katie Cottle | July 7, 2010

Born to Shop

MK has been born into a long line of shoppers!!!  Most of my childhood memories are at the mall and I love that!!!  My mom and grandma are Awesome Bargain Shoppers and I have definitely inherited the trait!!!  When us girls get together we always end up at the mall! 

Since there is not a lot of time or money for shopping these days, we take what shopping we can!  The town we call home has a lot of perks, but shopping isn’t one of them!!!!  A friend of mine was cleaning out her girls’ closets and let me come through and dig!  I got Molly Kate and Carsyn some cute things at great prices!  AND the best part was her girls played with Molly Kate so I shopped – CHILD FREE!!!

Here is MK with her loot:

10 smocked dresses/sets, 1 Bailey Boys outfit, and 1 Orient Expressed jacket!

They are all washed and pressed and hanging in the girls’ closet!!!  Some of the dresses even have matching ones that we will be getting soon!!!

Can you tell which one is her favorite??? 

and Molly Kate – I really like that one too!!!



  1. Is it possible that she gets cuter every day? Cannot wait to have her cute lil self all to myself next week. (well, I have to share her with NeeNee, but that doesn’t count!!)

  2. SO way super cute!!! I recently was allowed to borrow some stuff from a friend at school who gave me a bag full of feltman brothers dresses and things. I just love the smocked dresses!!! I also LOVE consignment. I have found some adorable things from Kid to Kid.

  3. Ok those are the cutest outfits, you just hold onto them after MK and Carsyn, cause one day I will have a girl and need them too!! I love the jacket!! And MK is soo TAN!!!

  4. Girl!! I love me some MK divaness! She is so cute and what a loot that you got! Congrats!

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