Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 30, 2011

Christmas Traditions: Part 2

This is a new tradition this year, but one the kids love!  We have a gazillion Christmas books (50 actually) and usually I just pull them out and then I read the same ones over and over and I have a feeling some years I don’t read them all.  I saw a great idea on Pinterest, where you wrap 25 books and each day a book gets opened and read.  I loved it, but tweaked it for us!  I wrapped 3 sets of 16 books each, making a total of 48 books wrapped.  Each child has 16 books to open between now and Christmas.  Each child has their own wrapping paper and the books are wrapped according to “age/level”, so each child gets the most appropriate books for them.  We open books on days that we need a little something special and I know we will have time to sit down and read them all!

The books under my tree!  The best part about this is it looks like we have presents under our tree!!!!

The hardest part was wrapping 48 books, especially, since most of them were paperback!

They were so excited!  It made it worth all the effort.

I really want to make this Christmas special and to say things are tight this year is an understatement!

So, this is a perfect solution!  Free, Educational, and Special!!!!

And, of course, you can see another tradition we do…. ELF on the SHELF!

Snuggling with a Baby – – Priceless!!!



  1. What a great idea. I’m glad you are back. I need to get back to it too now. I counted my Christmas books and I only have 6. I need to make a book run and get some more.

    • Erin, I only have so many from my teaching days. I always ordered the 1.00 and 2.00 paperback books. Heck, you could check some out from the library and wrap them 🙂

  2. I LOVE the idea! I am going to do this for sure! So glad you are back to blogging, I am not yet back, but I want to be. Maybe soon! 🙂

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