Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 30, 2011

Christmas Traditions: Part 1

“The Fancy Lunch”

We had our second annual “Fancy Lunch” this past Sunday.  I got the idea from my Aunt Melanie and just love it.  We had started buying the kids an ornament each year, but I’ll admit we had forgotten a year or so— it was always just an afterthought!  BUT, not anymore!

Every child gets a wrapped ornament that symbolizes something special to each child.  The lunch is served on our fine china and we eat dressed up and talk about proper etiquette.  (We have it on a Sunday, just to make it easier for us).

Last year Charlie got a Buzz Lightyear ornament, MK got a red purse (because she had just gotten her first purse), and Carsyn got a Baby’s First Christmas.  It was fun this year picking out each child’s ornament.

Too busy on the phone to stop for a photo opportunity!

She  loves her Princess Paper!!!!

He was secretly hoping it was a toy, not just an ornament!

Carsyn loved her Minnie Mouse ornament (symbolizing her first trip to Disney)!

Molly Kate loved her Ariel ornament!!!  Surprise, surprise!!!

Charlie loved his Dinosaur Ornament too!

Carsyn and Mommy

Chad and the big kids! (that food looks disgusting)

I hope the kids continue to look forward to this each year!


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