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Where have I been?

I sure wish I had more time to blog.  I have gazillions of pictures and even more funny stories to share, but it is well after midnight before I get to sit down most nights!!!  So, maybe someday soon – right!  Or at least the girls will sleep through the night someday and then I could do it in the morning.  Oh well, that sounds negative and I sure don’t want it to.  I wouldn’t change anything, well, maybe a maid could help – haha!!!

Molly Kate got tubes a month ago and poor Carsyn got her a set on Tuesday.  We are optimistic that it will give her relief.  She has had a CONSTANT ear infection for weeks and I think she was on antibiotics for almost 6 weeks straight.  She also had to get her tongue clipped.  Poor baby was tongue tied and couldn’t even get her tongue past her lips.

We had her surgery in Atlanta and stayed with my parents at the condo.  That was fabulous since she had to be there at 6:30am!  Here is what she thought of her DRAB hospital gown —

Seriously, don’t they have a pink one???

Of course, she could have breast milk until 2:30, but got up to eat at 12:30 and she never does that!  So when she got up at 4 am – she was NOT happy.  She was up until 6 am when we left for the surgery center.  The two of us bounced on the patio and watched the cars on Peachtree (traffic sure looked good)!

Here she is with her Daddy waiting —

And FYI – she weighed 18lbs the day of her surgery!!!!

The procedure went GREAT, but Carsyn was not happy at all! She couldn’t even nurse she was so upset and I think the whole tongue thing was quite painful and confusing to her!!!  They didn’t make us stay long in recovery and she screamed all the way home.  She was super FRETTY all afternoon, but by early evening she was smiling!

We got her dressed up to match her sister because my mama always said getting dressed makes you feel better.

My 3 JOYS!

And Carsyn wants to be on the GO!

Is this not one BEAUTIFUL child???

This next picture is for all those that ask what it is like with three???

Everybody is doing their own thing!

Carsyn is getting the hang of blowing with her “new” tongue!

I had to SHARE this just for laughs! It had been a LONG Day at this point.  After Carsyn’s surgery, Chad went to a Starbucks and worked.  He came home right before dinner and set down to build Legos with Charlie.  He was OUT!  Totally oblivious to the kids crawling all over him!!!

After Chad’s siesta we walked the kids down to Pasta Vino, one of our FAVES!  We love it because they have lots of seating outside and you don’t have get in the car to get there!  Plus dinner was YUMMY!  AND thanks to it was CHEAP!

Dining with Three little ones after a LONG day could have been a disaster, but the kids did great!  It helped too that the Hawks mascot showed up for a bit on his way to the restaurant next door!

Then we strolled by Baskin Robbins on our way home and I ran in to one of my best friends from collge.  It was such a treat!!!

So, our family is hoping that we are done with medical issues, but since May is coming and we have had one a month since Feb.  I am kinda nervous.  (Charlie’s broken arm -FEB, MK’s tubes/adenoids- MAR, Carsyn’s  tubes and tongue – APR)  Praying for good health ALL AROUND!!!

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Berry Special

These 2 little girls are very special to us ALL!

Too bad they don’t cooperate for pictures 🙂

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Look out! We’ve been egging!!!

I remember in high school, egging was a BIG thing to do!  Our house got egged once and it was a disastrous mess.  There was a poor girl at school that got egged every weekend.  Not sure why she was targeted because I am pretty sure she was well liked and no one had any bad feelings toward her!   Who knows! I never went and egged — too much of a rule follower!

BUT, now I am taking my kids egging!

What kind of mama am I???

I got the idea from this fabulous blog – The Happy Home Fairy!  Here is information on EGGING!  You should check out her blog for LOTS of incredible Easter Ideas!

The concept is similar to “boo-ing”, which was the highlight of our Halloween Celebrations!

Here are some pictures of Charlie “Egg-ing” his friends!

Here he is at the Blair’s with a basket of eggs.

The sign to let them know! (You can download it from the link above).

Or you can use this cute poem my mom shared with me —

The Easter Bunny
Was out for a hop
He saw your house
He made a stop
That wascally wabbit!
He had you pegged
No bunny was home, so

Hiding EGGS while the girls stayed in the car!

“This might be a good spot to hide.”

“ALL Done!”

We have 2 more sets and are going out Egging this week! Wonder who will get Egged????

Happy Egg-ing!!!

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Lunch with the Easter Bunny

I took the kiddos to have lunch with the Easter Bunny today.  This is the 3rd time we have been to this event and I guess that makes it a tradition!!!  I almost forgot about it and got our tickets last night at the mall for MK and Charlie.

Then Chad decided to go fishing with a friend (which I was very happy for him to go – — things have been super busy for him and he needed a get away!) and I thought I might should have canceled, but I am glad I didn’t!  The kids did AWESOME!  The only negative was that I couldn’t get many pictures – my hands were a little full!!!

Here are the few I captured at the Mall –

Molly Kate wanted nothing to do with the Easter Bunny.  She would look at him and say “NO”.  She did give him a high five though.  Charlie loved it!  This morning when I was getting the kids dressed, I put on MK’s bunny capri set and Carsyn’s bunny dress and Charlie wanted to know where his Bunny outfit was!  Poor guy – if he is asking for seasonal clothes – he is going to get them (it won’t be long before he is too cool!).  So, after lunch we strolled down the mall to Serendipity (where the cute Valentine’s Shirts came from) and ordered him a personalized Easter shirt!!!  The girls stayed in the stroller the whole time and we even did a return at the Children’s Place!

We attempted a few pictures when we got home –Don’t you just love how Carsyn is “standing”??? and how Molly Kate is looking up at Charlie????  She sure loves him and he takes his job as big brother seriously!!!



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Can’t get enough of this little one!!!

We are so VERY thankful that she is feeling better and back to her happy self!

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Spring Break 2011

I can’t believe 2011’s Spring Break is almost over!!!  What a week it has been!  We have mainly focused on Carsyn.  She has been super sick until yesterday (since Saturday)!  She has had a time with her ears (I know you are shocked that one of our children has bad ears) and ended up having to go to the DR three days in a row for antibiotic shot and it looks like it finally did the trick!!

Here is our little snuggle bunny before one of her appointments —

We managed to squeeze in some play dates too, but of course I didn’t get any pictures and we played with cousins for a couple of days.

Tonight, we went out to dinner at I-HOP- can’t beat a cheap meal with BOGO coupons!!!   Our clothes make us look like we are at the BEACH ( it is because we WISH we were)!

Don’t these make you smile????

We sure do love these kiddos!!!

So BLESSED to be a FAMILY of FIVE!!!



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A little advice….

BLOOM where you are PLANTED

Imagine It

April 1, 2011

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Charlie SINGS!

I love when Charlie’s Choir sings at church! I guess who doesn’t love to see their little one up on stage and singing about Jesus.  I was a bit emotional today and really thought I could just cry when they were singing, it was just so touching!

Here are my Babies before church tonight —

Aren’t they just the CUTEST???

We were so GLAD to get out of the house after the BLACK Plague (JK, but it feels like it!)

And Dawn – thanks for the GREAT idea about the Bumbo!  Carsyn still isn’t sitting too well!!!

and here on the GIRLS after church —

Here is Charlie’s choir just before they sang —

And here  are 2 quick videos –



(not sure if these will work off my facebook page)


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Charlie’s Fifth Birthday

March 14

Charlie woke up in the BEST mood on his Birthday and had a little snuggle/tv time with his sister.

When he got up and came in my room the first thing he told me was, “I am five and my pjs are too small.  We need to give them to Goodwill.  In fact, we need to give all my pjs away.”

Chad and Charlie had McDonald’s pancakes for Breakfast on the way to school.

“Happy Fifth Birthday Charlie Man!”

Charlie had a lot to be excited about:  cupcakes with his classmates, party at the park, grandparents spending the night, and the list goes on

My mom and grandma met me at Granger Park to decorate for Charlie’s party.  They were super helpful, especially since the girls were there to help too!

Here are the cute DINO plates I got after Valentine’s Day for like 30 cents a package!!  Can’t beat LOVEABLE dinosaurs!!  The kids ate Dinosaur shaped sandwiches thanks to my cool sandwich cutter.  They also had cheese puffs and Dinosaur Snacks!

For the adults I had baked a ham for sandwiches with all the trimmings and we had pasta salad and chips.  Super EASY and perfect for a picnic at the Park!

While GG Dolly finished cutting out the sandwiches and mom set out the cold stuff/watched the girls, I went to Charlie’s school to celebrate his birthday with cupcakes (thanks Mama) and juice boxes.

The kids all sang to our Birthday Boy.   We just love his teachers and classmates.

So fun to be a part of his big day at school!  Chad and I loaded him up and headed to the Park!  Nothing like arriving after the party started – when you are the hostess.  Oh well – mom and g’ma had it under control!!!

The kids played on the playground for a little while and then we had lunch –

Lucky me, I even got a hug!

MK LOVED the cheese puffs!  I think she ate hers and most of the ones at her table!

The kids played some more and then we played a couple of Dino games—

The kids went on a dinosaur egg hunt and then we had a Dino Egg Race!

Showing my teacher side!

Boys vs Girls

The kids were then ready for the AWESOME Dino Cake Mrs. Pam and Leslie had made —

Charlie’s friends and family sang “Happy Birthday” and everyone got to enjoy the yummy cake – except for me and Heidi —

Duty Called!

I hated to miss the Singing, but it was nice to sit down for a minute and even better to catch up with a dear friend.

Here are Heidi and Brooks –

Aren’t they the cutest and the BEST for driving so far to come and celebrate our Lil’ Man??

Here is Charlie and his best bud Grayson! What great friends they are!!!!

The kids all got a pet Dinosaur when they left – 🙂

(heehee- Charlie just loves growing those things and the price was just right!)

It was a great day!  We came home and opened Charlie’s presents and I don’t know who was most excited – Charlie or CHAD???  I finally got my piece of cake and it was worth the wait!!!

The Cottles took us all out to Longhorns and it was a great end to a perfect day!

Thank you Jesus for FIVE wonderful years as a mother! I sure do love my little boy!




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Charlie’s First Soccer Game

Charlie had his first Soccer Game Saturday.  His team is called the SILVER Cows!  Is that not hysterical???  He had a great time playing and we celebrated with lunch at Arbys!!!

Charlie and his daddy

Carsyn and my dear friend Gina at the game!

Carsyn and I before getting back in the car after the HOT game!

Looking forward to this Saturday’s game!  Go CASTLESS Charlie!!!!

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