Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 29, 2011

I am back — hopefully!

I have missed blogging!  My computer died completely ONE WEEK after having it fixed.  Some of our dear friends gave me an old one they had, but didn’t have the password for.  So after about a month off with our friend Scott, the computer genius, I have rejoined this century!!!!

Since my last post in JULY, a lot has happened and I won’t even try to catch up on all  that I have missed sharing.  I don’t know how often I will have a chance to blog, but we will see!

A FEW HIGHLIGHTS (that are on this computer)

Disney WORLD

It was HOT, but the BEST week of my life! I am already dying to go back!  It is truly the happiest place in the WORLD!

Getting ready to close the park down the last night!  Even the baby loved it!  AND Matt Buddy too!

First Day of ECHO (our Homeschool “School”)  We LOVE Thursdays!

My 31st BDAY!  Lunch at McDonald’s after Echo!!!!

Apparently, Carsyn was not digging the matching outfits!

A great weekend in the mountains with Grammy and Papa

Pretty and Handsome in PINK!

Charlie sang at church

Field Trip FUN!  The best part about Homeschool trips is that the whole family gets to participate!!!!

We have played outside a LOT this Fall!!!

We have cheered for the DAWGS!

Enjoyed rare moments without kiddos!

Happy Halloween!

Chad and Charlie got to go to their first game together!!!



  1. so glad that you are BACK!!!!

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