Posted by: Katie Cottle | July 8, 2011

Too cute not to share…

Since my computer broke AGAIN 2 days after having repaired, I am now just adjusting to being computer-less.  Chad is out buying a 2nd battery for our vehicles this month, so I have the computer for a bit.  I am working on VBS plans and wishing Chad’s computer worked with our printer (which is apparently a casualty in the whole situation).  Oh my, I sound negative! I need to look at this picture for a minute and get a better take on life!!!  🙂

I will share a few more things:

1.  We are going to Disney  in a week – WAHOO!!!!  MK is preparing by caring Minnie with her EVERYWHERE!!!

2.  Don’t you love MK’s big bow???  I do and that is all that matters.  She ALSO loves a bow and makes sure Carsyn always has one in too! I got several  big bows for 2.55 a piece last week at Serendipity’s big sale.

3.  Thanks GG Dolly for the girls’ dresses.

4.  Some Charlie funnies:

  • After getting in trouble a few days ago, Chad questioned his behavior.  His reply, “I am sorry I was being a tornado, like Molly Kate.”

VERY True — Yesterday she gave me a beautiful DISNEY mural — Disney stickers all over my hardwood floors — so pretty!

  • Charlie told MK, ” She better stop listening to Satan and listen to God”
  • Charlie told me  “Molly Kate loves to color (as she is coloring EVERYTHING with her bath crayon- the walls, herself, her siblings). She just COLORS and puts GOD last!!!”  I followed up with him the next day and asked how he knew this.  He said (SERIOUSLY), ” I can just see it right here”  as he pointed to his heart! Where does this come from.

5.  The other night we took a walk after dinner.  Chad was pushing the girls in the double stroller and I was holding CC’s hand.  He twisted his ankle 200 yards into the 1.5 mile HILLY walk through our neighborhood.  Chad carried him on his shoulders and I pushed the girls.  It was quite a workout and not the fun walk we had planned.  Charlie complained about not being comfortable and told Chad he was just so tired!!! Seriously – he rode while his Daddy carried him in the 90^plus temp and he was tired!!! DRAMA!!!

6.  MK is learning some new words and expressions.  Her favorites to use are, “I  help” (which means help me), “No cat” so the cats don’t come inside, and she loves to do roll call at bedtime!




  1. OK, so Chad should have carried him in a more comfortable manner. What WAS he thinking? Love my MK and her Minnie! Actually I am quite fond of all three of them! The count down starts…NOW!!!!

  2. That is hilarious! They are so cute. I love those outfits! And I’m so jealous yall are going to Disney again.

  3. That was Erin by the way I’m at my parents house.

  4. Love it!! Poor MK gets some ragging from Charlie Man!! That just cracks me up about listening less to Satan and more to God!!! If he becomes a preacher one day, he will surely have these to read out of a book you keep them in!! Love their dresses too!! Miss y’all!!

  5. Love the Cottle crew!! Such a beautfiul family and great memory making!!! It’s always so neat to see God working in their lives and the humor it can bring to us!!! I was saying the blessing the other night and had my head bowed and eyes closed, but peeked to make sure Emersyn was ok, she had her hands clasped too…it was priceless (fluke or not). She has such a fun personality and I look forward to sharing some of the funny stories she will create for us! PS ENJOY Disney, can’t wait to hear all about it. Also target has a new Disney line and the shirts are SO cute, got Emersyn 2 today for our Disney trip. They are 8.99. They start at 12m. They have them in the red, black and white colors one with micky and minni and it has red tool flowers on it. and the other is a grey and black stripe with a small red mickey decal in the lower corner. They are super cute and not cheesy at all… thought you may look into them. Ok, I’ll quit rambling and talk to you soon girl!

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