Posted by: Katie Cottle | June 18, 2011

You never know who you will be buying Deli Meat with????

My mama always told me you never know who is watching you — so you better behave!

My granny always said to look your best because you never know who you will see?  (She learned this the hard way after getting in a car wreck while in her pjs taking her kids to school!)

Well, I was totally unprepared to meet my FIRST Love at Publix this morning!

Curious, who it was???

See if you can guess???

1.  If you are in your thirties – you probably shared this same love???

2.  He can act, but not so sure about singing — Sorry, no NKOTB!!!

3.  We watched him and his sister grow up on 2 of the most popular TV sitcoms EVER!!!

4.  Did I mention they are BOTH incredible CHRISTIANS – why I was MOST excited to meet him????

5.  Recently starred in a Christian Film that made it BIG TIME!

I am sure you know by now —


I won’t tell you the whole embarrassing story, but know that I did giggle and want to TEXT and CALL everyone I knew and I did shamelessly peak around aisles as he shopped for an hour at Publix.  I was so flustered, that it took me 3x as long to shop!!! Who can blame me???

Here is a shot with some friends and I with KIRK CAMERON!!!

AND – FYI – I did welcome him to LaGrange and invite him to church, but I really do wonder why he is here????  Any ideas???



  1. So I spoke with my friend Holly and she told me Mark (Consumed Artist Agency) is working to book him for one of his conferences in Carrollton!! I’ll let you know when it comes to fruition. I told her you met him in the grocery store in LaGrange and she immediately said, “Oh I bet he and his wife are down there running the camp for terminally ill children”. Such a small world…

  2. oh my gosh i love him. What in the world is he doing in your neck of the woods. maybe he moved there. maybe his fam lives there. you should stalk him:)

  3. Please tell me he was buying Boar’s Head!!!

  4. His family has held their “Camp Firefly” at Callaway Gardens; I guess that’s why he’s in LG!!

  5. this is amazing!!!!

  6. Yay for meeting celebrities! I have to admit though, I was secretly hoping that you ran into Michael J. Foxx…my first love. 🙂

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