Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 29, 2011

Where have I been?

I sure wish I had more time to blog.  I have gazillions of pictures and even more funny stories to share, but it is well after midnight before I get to sit down most nights!!!  So, maybe someday soon – right!  Or at least the girls will sleep through the night someday and then I could do it in the morning.  Oh well, that sounds negative and I sure don’t want it to.  I wouldn’t change anything, well, maybe a maid could help – haha!!!

Molly Kate got tubes a month ago and poor Carsyn got her a set on Tuesday.  We are optimistic that it will give her relief.  She has had a CONSTANT ear infection for weeks and I think she was on antibiotics for almost 6 weeks straight.  She also had to get her tongue clipped.  Poor baby was tongue tied and couldn’t even get her tongue past her lips.

We had her surgery in Atlanta and stayed with my parents at the condo.  That was fabulous since she had to be there at 6:30am!  Here is what she thought of her DRAB hospital gown —

Seriously, don’t they have a pink one???

Of course, she could have breast milk until 2:30, but got up to eat at 12:30 and she never does that!  So when she got up at 4 am – she was NOT happy.  She was up until 6 am when we left for the surgery center.  The two of us bounced on the patio and watched the cars on Peachtree (traffic sure looked good)!

Here she is with her Daddy waiting —

And FYI – she weighed 18lbs the day of her surgery!!!!

The procedure went GREAT, but Carsyn was not happy at all! She couldn’t even nurse she was so upset and I think the whole tongue thing was quite painful and confusing to her!!!  They didn’t make us stay long in recovery and she screamed all the way home.  She was super FRETTY all afternoon, but by early evening she was smiling!

We got her dressed up to match her sister because my mama always said getting dressed makes you feel better.

My 3 JOYS!

And Carsyn wants to be on the GO!

Is this not one BEAUTIFUL child???

This next picture is for all those that ask what it is like with three???

Everybody is doing their own thing!

Carsyn is getting the hang of blowing with her “new” tongue!

I had to SHARE this just for laughs! It had been a LONG Day at this point.  After Carsyn’s surgery, Chad went to a Starbucks and worked.  He came home right before dinner and set down to build Legos with Charlie.  He was OUT!  Totally oblivious to the kids crawling all over him!!!

After Chad’s siesta we walked the kids down to Pasta Vino, one of our FAVES!  We love it because they have lots of seating outside and you don’t have get in the car to get there!  Plus dinner was YUMMY!  AND thanks to it was CHEAP!

Dining with Three little ones after a LONG day could have been a disaster, but the kids did great!  It helped too that the Hawks mascot showed up for a bit on his way to the restaurant next door!

Then we strolled by Baskin Robbins on our way home and I ran in to one of my best friends from collge.  It was such a treat!!!

So, our family is hoping that we are done with medical issues, but since May is coming and we have had one a month since Feb.  I am kinda nervous.  (Charlie’s broken arm -FEB, MK’s tubes/adenoids- MAR, Carsyn’s  tubes and tongue – APR)  Praying for good health ALL AROUND!!!



  1. oh Katie!!! apparently things come in threes, though, right??? Kids. illness. 🙂 Here’s to a happy and healthy May for the Cottle Crew! just love your three — they are all beautiful and seem like just the sweetest things. Can’t wait to meet the girls someday! I’m sure Martha Grace will LOVE to play with them!

  2. Such precious pictures!! Praying for a healthy May!! Got to see y’all soon! Miss y’all so much! Hugs and love!

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