Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 10, 2011

Lunch with the Easter Bunny

I took the kiddos to have lunch with the Easter Bunny today.  This is the 3rd time we have been to this event and I guess that makes it a tradition!!!  I almost forgot about it and got our tickets last night at the mall for MK and Charlie.

Then Chad decided to go fishing with a friend (which I was very happy for him to go – — things have been super busy for him and he needed a get away!) and I thought I might should have canceled, but I am glad I didn’t!  The kids did AWESOME!  The only negative was that I couldn’t get many pictures – my hands were a little full!!!

Here are the few I captured at the Mall –

Molly Kate wanted nothing to do with the Easter Bunny.  She would look at him and say “NO”.  She did give him a high five though.  Charlie loved it!  This morning when I was getting the kids dressed, I put on MK’s bunny capri set and Carsyn’s bunny dress and Charlie wanted to know where his Bunny outfit was!  Poor guy – if he is asking for seasonal clothes – he is going to get them (it won’t be long before he is too cool!).  So, after lunch we strolled down the mall to Serendipity (where the cute Valentine’s Shirts came from) and ordered him a personalized Easter shirt!!!  The girls stayed in the stroller the whole time and we even did a return at the Children’s Place!

We attempted a few pictures when we got home –Don’t you just love how Carsyn is “standing”??? and how Molly Kate is looking up at Charlie????  She sure loves him and he takes his job as big brother seriously!!!





  1. Love the kids Easter outfits. Glad you made it by yourself. Quite an accomplishment. So glad the kids are feeling better. Mine are too. Hope it lasts!

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