Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 13, 2011

Staging Room ????

The longer we are in this house that we are literally bursting out of, the more I dream of my dream home.   I don’t want anything fancy — simple things – like a laundry room (the bigger, the better), a pantry, a comfortable bath tub, a non-carpeted entryway from the backyard and – I’ll just quit my list.  I think the Lord is trying to teach me contentment and I think I am failing.  BUT, I dream most of all of a Staging Room.  (Think Duggar-ish, for a more average size family that has a small obsession with children’s clothing)

My house could be so neat, if I had somewhere to store wrapped and ready birthday gifts (other than the attic, where I just forget about them, or the baby is napping and I can’t get to them now), or clothes for the next day, or a place to store Library books, or . . . .  Is it just me or does this sound like a great addition.

Look at these pictures and see if you think I need one as much as I do 🙂

Notice the Bills in the Easter Bunny by the Door to go in the mail Monday morning!

The Dining Room Table is housing items for Charlie’s Birthday Picnic Monday.  The eggs are actually dinosaur eggs, not Easter Eggs — Glad I cleared that up for you, aren’t you???

Dining Room Corner #1 – More Birthday Stuff

Note to self, don’t forget wrapped presents in attic

Corner #2

“Consignment Clothes” to go through.  A friend of mine let me come and shop her girls’ closets Friday and I brought home treasures for me and a friend.  Now we need to make our decisions.  Also, note the books under the clothes — Chad’s sermon prep books from last Saturday night.  He works at the Dining Room Table and totally cramps my need to “stage” Sunday morning weekly!!!

So…I just lay out the kids’ ironed and ready clothes on the kitchen table and then get to move them when I feed the kids breakfast (usually back to the dining room table because Chad is already at church)!!

And yes, I realize it is wishful thinking that our family of FIVE will all be at church in the morning, but I am ready should that modern day miracle arrive!!!  Can’t remember the last time we were at church together!  Hasn’t been but a handful of times all 2011.  Hopefully, we are on the road to health and church, because I sure do need to hear the Word at church, but I can guarantee Carsyn will decide to eat.  Oh well, maybe you can Jesus just by being present, like osmosis??

Happy Springing Forward — Remember it is worth it in the long haul.  Good luck fellow mothers of small children!!!



  1. Haa haa!! my whole HOUSE is my staging area!! we are now living in a small ( by comparison to what we were used to!!) house. Same thing happens here too. I think part of it is having kids, and part of it is that not everything has a home. so, when we have people over, i take two big bins (those storage ones with the lids) and go around and fill it up with all the “stuff” and put them in my room in the corner. that way, for just a few short hours, my house feels like those pictures in the catalogs….no toys, no socks, no drinking glasses on the side tables, not sunglasses…forgotten books…schoolwork….cd cases..random change….etc. ahhh…it’s chaos conquered. but then when everyone leaves, it all comes back out again!! oh well. it’s caused me to purge what i absolutely don’t need. nothing gets saved that isn’t absolutely necessary. i’ve even gotten rid of things like the high chair, bouncy seat, excersaucer….even if we have another kids. there’s always a used one somewhere…it’s not worth my space! :o)

  2. The only bit of advice I can give is to organize and think vertical when you are challenged with space. Vertical organizers can hang on your wall to help with mail and other notes. As for closets not sure if you are utilizing every inch of space or not but think vertical with them as well. You can stack stuff to the ceiling if need be..good luck. And I think you are doing an awesome job. I have given up on the staging. It helps with having two boys and only one girl. The dryer acts as an iron lol!!

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