Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 13, 2011

A Sunday Picture or TWO

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

We made it to church today!!!  We were a little late for Sunday School, ok, really late, but we were there!!

“I was GLAD when they said, “Let us go to CHURCH”.  Psalm 122:1

(Charlie’s First Bible Verse- We SAID it all the time because for several months he cried everytime we walked onto the Preschool Floor at church.  Great time to use God’s Word)

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by having the girls so close in age, but when I see the way the 3 children smile at each other I am thankful!!!

Lots of smiles this morning! 

Don’t you just love the girls’ dresses??  My Mother in Law got MK the dress at Amanda Remembered last year and then I saw the sister pantaloon set at a Consignment Sale this weekend and had to have it! The set was an 18 month, so we just wore the top as a dress and then in the Fall -they can match again (since MK’s is a 2)!!!  Brilliant???  Lucky???  Who cares, they are just so darn cute!!!

Such a GREAT big brother who will be FIVE tomorrow!!!  Lots of things to share about that coming soon 🙂



  1. Looks like your “staging room” worked beautifully!
    Love to your crew!

  2. They are SOOO Precious! Katie, I am so impressed by your skills in mothering. AND I don’t know if a staging room will make anything better. It seems like the bigger your house, the more junk you have. At least yours is neatly in corners. I don’t know if you can find any area neat in my house. With bigger kids come bigger shoes, bigger book bags and bigger clothes that take up lots of space. But, oh well, we are moms, we are a family and aren’t trying to be a Southern Living add. So, you are doing a GREAT job!

  3. Those are the most beautiful children in the world….is that bragging?

  4. They are so beautiful!!!! Love you all and miss you!

  5. Your family is absolutely beautiful! Love all of the photos of your sweet, precious children!

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