Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 5, 2011

What a WEEK!

I was so hopeful that March would bring an end to the sickness at our house.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case!!!  March seems to be off to a rocky start. . .

A quick rundown —

Tuesday, the 1st – MK has an ear recheck — ALL looks great!  DR looks at Carsyn too – She looks good despite cold!   I feel like my plan is off to a good start!!!!

Wednesday, the 2nd – BOTH girls run random fever late in the day/night! We plan to take them to the DR in the morning 😦

Thursday, the 3rd — BOTH girls are FEVER free – yeah!  Take MK to the audiologist for a hearing test because she is still not talking 😦 — Her ears are slightly pink, so they proceed with the test– Results:  BAD — Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss – THAT HURT!!!  Call ENT and get an appt (not as soon as I would like) so we can see about tubes to relieve the pressure and HOPEFULLY regain what we had lost!!!

Friday, the 4th (Chad’s bday) — Carsyn is running a low grade fever at lunch.  Bummed, but not too worried.  Gets up at 3:30 from her afternoon nap and has a 101 fever!  Call Dr. Lisa for an appt.  I figure it was a waste of time, but since it was Friday I had better go to be safe.  THANK GOODNESS I went!!!  Carsyn has her first EAR infection and Molly Kate has a double ear infection, bulging eardrum and all!!!  So 2 hours later, we are headed home with 2 antibiotics

Those are just the medical things.  It has been a crazy week in other ways too.  I would just love to get my house back in order.  BABY steps —  Like this one…

This is ONE of the projects on my list —

Looks like it will be a busy day!!!




  1. Hey Katie! Just wanted to give you encouragement on Molly Kate’s speech…so many times I have seen sweet babies not talking because of hearing loss due to ear infections and as soon as those tubes are placed in, their language explodes! I am sure that will be the case with Molly Kate! BabyNet is an awesome FREE service where, if she needs it, a speech pathologist will come to your house to provide therapy weekly…your doctor should know all about it 🙂 I know its hard when theyre not talking–but pretty soon she will be jabbering your ears off!!

  2. Grayson needs to come help clean that mess up bc I know he played a HUGE role in making it look that way! When should we stop by????

  3. Love the before and after pic!! Sure that their colds and flu from the other stay just settled in those little ears!! Poor babies!! At least you will get a fun break from cleaning and projects for a visit with us!!!!! We can’t even wait!!

  4. I love my baby messes!

  5. Ear tubes work wonders!!! Cassedy had them put in at 1 due to fluid in her ears for over 6 months. She hardly spoke but when she did it sounded really weird. The tubes were put in and she spoke right away (within days) her vocabulry exploded. They lasted a year. Not 6 months later we had double ear infections with fluid that did not drain after 3 months. She now has her 2nd set of tubes and has had her adnoids taken out. The second set of tubes were put in last August and we did not have 1 ear infection this winter. We will have to see how spring and summer go. We just got the clearance to swim 🙂 Yeah!! She has not had a swim lesson since this all started when she was 6 months old. She is now 3 in a half. Good luck Katie, they work wonders.

  6. praying for those ears. i nursed both mine and everyone said, i thought they were supposed to have less ear infections(after tubes for Micah) and I always said, think how many they would have had, had i not nursed:) i know sick kiddos make for a worrisome and tired momma so praying for rest for you too friend!

  7. Just read this post. Praying for you girl.

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I had severe hearing loss as a child, too. My mom still cries when telling the story of me hearing the birds for the first time- at 2! Be encouraged sweet Katie!!!

  9. I’m a little behind on reading blogs, so I’m just seeing this, but, I have a story, too…

    I had a 75% hearing loss in one ear and an 80% loss in the other. I didn’t get my first set of tubes until age 4 or 5 but I literally still remember the entire experience. The improvement was UNREAL! I still remember stepping off the bed and onto the trash bag on the floor (in case the medicine made me sick) 🙂 and hearing the crunch under my feet so loudly it hurt. And I still remember like it was yesterday hearing rain against the windows for the first time. Be encouraged, friend. If that is the road to travel, it will surely help sweet MK. Then you can think fondly on the days that she wouldn’t talk… 🙂

    Sending lots of love and prayers your way!

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