Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 13, 2011

Three YEARS of Blogging!

I love blogging! It has been a great way for me to share our lives, even though I am not consistent!  So much has changed since I started this blog- For Example:

  • THEN, I only had one little boy to share my days with     NOW, my time is divided between THREE little ones!
  • THEN, I slept through the night EVERY NIGHT      NOW, SLEEP, what sleep????
  • THEN, the three of us bopped around pretty easily    NOW, Chad and I are outnumbered!!!!
  • THEN, we were dreaming of another baby      NOW, we smile at GOD’s perfect timing of our “girls”
  • THEN, Chad was a youth minister              NOW, he is a Teaching Pastor
  • THEN, I was organized with my laundry (and a whole lot more)     NOW,  I’m doing good to not drown in the laundry

BUT, a lot of things have stayed the same:

  • I love my husband and am so appreciative of his many sacrifices
  • I love my family
  • The Lord is still blessing us more than we deserve
  • I fall short more than not
  • We still live in the same house—
  • We love our friends here in LG

I have a new blog idea up my sleeves and will share the LINK once it is ready!!!



  1. I LOVE your blog……and you!!!

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