Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 11, 2011

Flu: Boo

What a week it has been!  MK started running a low grade fever Sunday afternoon.  She kept it until Tuesday morning when she got up with a REAL fever!  She had had some minor cold symptoms, but I thought I better take her on to the Doctor.  Good thing I did – she was diagnosed with the FLU!

Isn’t that pitiful?

She was much better by Wednesday and just when I thought we were putting the Flu behind us –

Carsyn joined the Club in the morning with a 101 fever.   Then Chad and Charlie came home at lunch with fevers.

So, we are all on Tamiflu (mine is preventative) except Carsyn.

There are lots of snuggling partners – since everyone is sick!!!  Charlie is having a hard time with the pain of his new cast/the aches from the flu!  He has melted more than my nerves have needed today!!  MK is so much better.  She is just a little crankier and clingier than normal.  Also, the first night of tamiflu gave her INSOMNIA and she was up for almost 5 hours in the middle of the night.  Poor Carsyn has broken my heart the most.  I guess because she is so little and so helpless.  She has been a trooper.  The extra drainage/mucus is not helping her reflux!  She is more pukey than normal!!!  And sweet Chad has rallied when necessary and for that I am very thankful!

Here is to SPRING and better HEALTH!!!

Sure am thankful for healthy children.  So many parents do this day in and day out and I just can’t imagine.




  1. Saying another prayer for you right now! Those precious children are just pitiful!! I know you are tired, but you are the best MAMA!!!! I wish I could help in some way. Love ya girl!! Hope everyone gets rid of the flu fast and it skips right over you!!

  2. You r a good momma. I don’t know how you live off no sleep. I need my sleep. This up in the middle of the night is killing me.

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