Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 6, 2011

Thief . . .

Molly Kate is quite a mess. I feel like I am weather woman and she is a HURRICANE.  I can predict what she is going to do, but not control her!! haha (Not discipline wise – we are really working on that, but just the messes/obstacles she gets into!).  For example—-

Tonight, I fixed Chad and I a salad for dinner and had placed them on the table, while we finished getting everything ready!  I hear Carsyn crying so I zip upstairs (Chad is grilling outside).  When I come back – MK has climbed into my seat and is just looking at me.  I notice my salad looks quite lonely — she ATE all my tomatos!  I got her down and explained – as I cut up her grapes that she would have some tomatos on her plate and thought it was a done deal!  Well,  I look over and she has climbed into Chad’s seat–

See how she is digging through the lettuce in search of what she wanted!

What a mess she is!!!

This week, she has tried to clean out the baby’s ears with q-tips, tried to feed the baby dimes, and washed her bunny out in the toilet — just to name a few adventures!!!  If she sees you do something, she is definitely going to try it out!!!



  1. AND tried to feed Carsyn Toy Story treats!!! I mean, come on mom, me, Grayson and Charlie had some WHY should she be left out!!????! What a CUTE, CUTE mess she is!!!

  2. I gotta agree. She is a cute hot mess. I must say this though. If the girl eats tomatos she should be allowed to eat them off of anybody’s plates. I’d give anything if Ava would try to steal our food, especially a vegetable. The only thing she’s after is candy.

  3. Katie…..this is too much like Natalee to be true. What a messy blessing they are!

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