Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 5, 2011

Paranoid, Maybe?

I come from a long line of over-reactors.  AND unfortunately, I have passed the trait to Charlie.  However, this is all about me.

Today when I was holding Carsyn, I found a knot under her skin on her chest.  I even thought I felt one on the other side.  I felt like I was going to throw up it was so upsetting.  A friend and her kids were here visiting Charlie.  She is a nurse and I kept thinking I should let her feel this and see what she thinks.  BUT, then I thought, I shouldn’t put her in that place. I thought about calling the Doctor’s office, but honestly thought I would rather have bad news after the weekend.  Gosh, please tell me I am not the only one who panics about their children???

So, tonight when Chad got home, I mentioned it to him. I told him I would find the spot that worried me and let him feel it.  I checked Carsyn over real good while I was putting her pjs on and found the spots and lo and behold they are her breast buds! I hadn’t bothered to look earlier!!!

Nice, huh???

A little bit of over reaction–  When will I learn??




  1. Girl I was about to write you and say they had to be breast buds, before I finished reading your blog and then you said they were. I know feeling things are scary, did the same thing to brooks a whilke back and looked at his chest and they are just where his nipples are, they are even hard too. haha. I love you so Katie! 🙂

  2. you are not alone, girl! two days ago the happy buddy fell and scraped his leg at the park – i didn’t notice until we were headed home and i see this open wound. i immediately start thinking that he got rust in it from the playground equipment and that he was going to get blood poisoning and have to have his leg removed. i am not even kidding. God is working on this in me. 🙂

  3. I did the same thing!! I actually did call and that’s what they said it was! don’t feel bad!

  4. Oh Katie, my mom took me to the doctor when I was about 9 or 10 because I alerted her to little bumps I felt. She was worried! I remember leaving the doctor just amazed that I was going to have breasts! Ha. 🙂

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