Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 4, 2011

Charlie’s Broken Arm

Poor Little Guy broke his arm Wednesday night at church.  I was helping in Charlie’s choir room for the night and was there when it happened.  Heck, it was my fault.  I told the kids to clean up the room (it was just a few minutes until time to go home) and then to sit on the carpet.  They were all doing the best job and Charlie was headed to the circle when he tripped over a little friend.  As soon as he got up from the ground, he was screaming.  I pulled back his sleeve and his arm was crooked.  I about DIED!  I had MK (she had been fussing and brought to me earlier) in one arm and was trying to stabilize Charlie’s arm with the other (Did I mention, I was all alone??? for the moment).  The door was shut and I didn’t have a hand so I started kicking at it, while screaming for help at all the parents in the hall.  It was definitely not my finest moment.  Thankfully, Chad was on the hall and came running.  He had no idea what was going on!!!  Dear friends took the girls and I semi-gathered up my belongings.  Chad carried Charlie and another friend supported his arm all the way to the car.  I really was useless!  (my cell phone was MIA until mid-morning today) 

Chad drove and I held Charlie in my lap since we couldn’t get him in the carseat without moving his arm.  We got a great parking spot, but the ER was packed. I was so scared we were going to have to wait.  They took us right back 🙂  

Charlie had broken both bones in his forearm, but it was a clean break!  Thankfully, Dr. Bruce came to the hospital and they were able to put Charlie to sleep and set his arm!   I will leave out the details, because I would like to forget the few hours we were there. 

We were so thankful to have had the love and support of our church family.  Beth, our children’s director stayed the entire time.  Tom, Anthony, and Paul Blair were all there with us for part of our stay.  What a blessing! 

A special thanks to Jamin and Michelle for keeping the girls, espcially since one of them is a nursing baby who was ready for her bedtime feed. 

A couple of things to share:

  • When we were leaving church, Beth gave Charlie a sucker.  He went to eat it, but said it was MK’s favorite and she should have it! 
  • Then when the xrays were over, they brought him 2 stickers.  He insisted I save one for his sister.
  • When they put the iv in, he kept trying to tell them that “that” arm was fine!
  • He was most distraught about taking the oral medication
  • He will be in a splint until next Friday to give the swelling time to go down and then a real cast for a few weeks. 
  • When they brought him his sling, he started telling them about David’s sling and how it was a different kind.

Our little man in his “Starter Cast”

Thankfully, we have already started buying the end of season clothes for next year!  They will come in handy, since he will need bigger clothes to get over his cast!  His daddy had just bought him this top at the Children’s Place for 2.99 yesterday!!!!



  1. I love you, Charlie Cottle. Sometimes I look at you and think my heart will just burst because you are so dear to me….You will always hold such a special place in my heart. You will always be the NUMBER ONE grandchild!!! Today YOU are my favorite!

  2. That Charlie Cottle just melts my heart, he is the sweetest thing! I hope his sister loved her little sucker he saved for her. I know you had to about die, I would have when you saw his arm. And there was no way that was your fault silly girl!! Love y’all and praying for a speedy recovery and that he isn’t in pain while it’s in that sling! What a little witness to tell the hospital folks about David and his sling, he is such a precious child! Give him a big hug from us!!

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