Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 21, 2011

Random Thoughts from Today

Welcome to My Brain:

1.  My husband is Phil Dunphy!  If you KNOW Chad and watch Modern Family, I want to know if you see the connection.  At times it is painful to watch because the similarities are eerie.   Chad sees it too, actually!  If you watch the show – I think I am Cameron, but wish I was Gloria!! haha

2.  I love babies!  Today’s Reason — They don’t require any discipline!!!  And who couldn’t LOVE this baby and her rolls??

3.  I am watching Toddlers and Tiaras right now!  Good gravy these people are insane.  This one lady is holding Bake Sales to send her daughter to a pageant.  Another one is letting her daughter play a possessed demon – seriously!  Reminds me how out of control our society is!  PS – If you have a daughter – please read Bringing Up Girls

4.  I am so very thankful that Vince and Erin’s little boy came through his surgery with flying colors!

5.  Molly Kate is finally talking some!  I knew she would talk when she got ready and she has taken her time!  She has lots of personality and talking has helped to soften her edges!!!!

6.  We are hosting an INTERVENTION tomorrow for Charlie! haha  We are getting serious about his thumb sucking.  It seems like it is getting worse, not better.  Starting tomorrow Charlie will get a $1 in dimes everyday.  When I catch him sucking, he owes me a dime! I will keep y’all updated on how it is going and we would appreciate the prayers!

7.  Highlight of the Day – Getting the kids in bed by 7:45 — not sure how long it will last, but  I am enjoying the chance to blog while Chad works out!

Note – It is 8:30 and Carsyn is already up!!!




  1. I hope the dime trick works for Charlie. It worked for Jason and the only time he didn’t have his thumb in his mouth was when he spoke, which was not very often. Will be praying this works for you guys.

  2. If Chad is Phil, then I am Cameron. Got to find me some of those shirts with contrasting cuffs. Looking forward to tomorrow!
    kisses & hugs,

  3. Beautiful picture of Carsyn!

  4. LOVE MODERN FAMILY! This week’s ep was HILARIOUS!!!!

  5. Let me know how the thumb-sucking payoff works! Livi’s pretty bad, too, but I’m not sure she’s ready for the concept of $…maybe she is…who knows! I’ll try it if it works for you!! 🙂

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