Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 18, 2010


I was in a Bible Study in college with some awesome friends and we always started off our time with High/Low.  It was a great way to catch up real quick and keep us from talking about the less important things for too long.  So on busy days, mabye I will just blog the high and low — I’ll start today!

High(s):  Great morning visiting a friend with a new baby!  Congrats to Jason and Heather and Big Sister Anna on their new arrival Sarah.  I held her forever and already miss the newborn stage (don’t get any ideas though).  They thought I was being nice bringing dinner, but really I just wanted to see the baby!  (JK).  Then I zipped by my Granddaddy’s house and dropped off a casserole for them too and got to visit with him and my Aunt B.  My Granddaddy is 90 years old and was looking through his tools when I got there so he could fix his wheelbarrow!!!  They truly are the greatest generation!!!   AND lunch with Chad!!! 

Low(s):  I ran by the mall to return some clothes.  I realized that even though I only had one child, I only had the double stroller – ugh!  Then, these people just stared at me while I tried to get the cadilac through the non-stroller friendly doors ( I should write a letter!!!) at Belk.  I made my return without any trouble and ran back to the car so I could meet Chad and Charlie for lunch!  At my car I looked down and saw 2 NASTY things:  a condom and a tampon.  Only to make that worse, they were USED!  I about died!  Seriously, what about the Belk parking lot brings on the desire to use those things and even worse disgard them in the parking lot. 

What are the Highs and Lows of your day???



  1. Love this post!
    Hi’s: getting to see my sweet baby girl after work and hear her just a coohing up a storm. Spending time with my sister. Loving that my mom and sister are getting to keep her. That I have a job to go to
    Low’s: Jonathan is feeling under the weather. That I have to go to my job 😉

  2. High: We are proud owners of a new house. It is being finished painted inside and out this week. We have had a place to live rent free for the past three months.
    Low: I shouldn’t complain I know but since you have to have a low; the military won’t tell us for sure when our household goods will arrive so yes it could be the day before Thanksgiving which means we won’t get to travel to Kentucky with my parents. Not to mention that I will have a house full of boxes to unpack if they happen to arrive Tuesday anyways.

  3. I know what you mean about Belk! I have written a letter to them (by email) about the issues with handling a stroller in their store. I figure if a stroller can’t get through than neither can a wheelchair.

  4. My hubby and I always play High/Low! Though we call it Low/High so you always end on a high note:)

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