Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 17, 2010

15 minutes until SHOWtime

Our house has been on the market forever now!  I mainly just forget it is on the market, because it never shows!  Anyways, I am not going to dwell on that — it is obvious that the Lord wants us here, so I am trying to be content!!!  (not too successfully most days)

Anyways – let me give you a time frame of this afternoon’s excitement

4:00 – Carsyn woke up from her 10 minute nap, after I had spent 2 hours getting her to go to sleep (no exaggeration!) and we all go outside to play

4:40 – Charlie busts his lip on his Big Wheel — acts as if he might die at any moment (I have no idea where he got the over reaction gene – ha!)

4:45 – I get Charlie set up on the couch with a juice box, a boo boo bunny for the swelling, and a movie on Netflix and sit down to feed a hungry Carsyn, WHEN …

My realtor calls and says an agent is on her way to show my house, IF that is okay!  I really wanted to say “NO”, but I knew I couldn’t!  She tells me they will be here within 15-20 minutes.

So — the RUSH began…

I put a SCREAMING Carsyn in the swing and look around the house – not sure where to even start… I had about 10 projects going —

1.  Handprint Turkeys- Charlie and I had painted a bunch of turkeys for him to mail to family and those who could use a little joy this holiday season.  These were drying on the kitchen table (along with his school papers and homework and a Nativity set of foam that he had been working on)

2.  Canned Goods for the Needy – Our church is filling sacks with goodies for Turkey Day- The bag and goodies were on my dining room table

3.  Charlie’s week for Snack at school – We had made Pilgrim hat cookies and Turkey Sugar Cookies yesterday and I had all the supplies to make the Oreo turkeys ready to go (also on the dining room table)

4.  Soup for 10 families- I am participating in a soup swap on Thursday and I am responsible for 10 batches of soup.  The produce is in my fridge, but the canned goods are on the — yes, you guessed it – the dining room table!  Along with the plastic containers to put them in.

5.  4 loads of laundry to be folded on my couch — I ALMOST always fold as I go, but refer to Timestamp 4:00

6.  Thankfully I had made dinner early in the afternoon and it was just chilling in the fridge for all the crazyness, but I had run the dishwasher during the afternoon and unloaded it (refer to 10 minutes without Carsyn in my arms), but I had not put away all the dishes!

7.  I am in the process of making a Christmas centerpiece for my dining room table!  The spray paint, basket, fresh greenery,etc was also on my dining room table.

8.  The drying rack was set up in the middle of the den.

9.  A huge plastic tub was sitting in MK’s room waiting on me to move the clothes in the basket behind the glider into it for storage in the attic.

10.  Oh and our Operation Christmas Child boxes and treasures were out on the – dining room table to be packed whenever I could find 2 minutes to wrap the boxes! 

Not to mention the usual things around the house — like Charlie’s bed being unmade, burp cloths everywhere, etc. 

In those 15 minutes – I did a LOT of hiding and candle lighting!  Carsyn screamed and Charlie never took his eyes off the tv! 

Numbers 1, 3, 7, and 10 were all put inside Number 9 and hid behind Chad’s bed

Number 2’s sack was moved to the floor of the dining room and hopefully just blended it!

Number 4 – no way I was moving all that – it just sat neatly on the dining room table

Number 5 – all the clean clothes got crammed into the dryer!

Nuber 6 – thrown back in the dishwasher, oven, microwave

Number 8 –  moved to the garage

And the good news is we all survived!  Carsyn didn’t starve and when Chad got home the house looked neat — Unfortunately, we spent most of the evening looking for things 🙂  

Oh and 2 major things I forgot:  I had not cleaned out the sink from all my earlier cooking and you know what they say about sinks and I realized that Charlie had left the lid up on his toilet — oh well!

And Dinner was really, really GOOD! I will share my recipe tomorrow!   Carsyn has finally gone to sleep (11pm) and I am so TIRED!

Note to self:  Get medication for ADD!  I need less ongoing projects at a time!

Also – forgot to note that the outdoor kitty ran in as we were leaving and the realtor was coming in.  Anyone want a cat??



  1. Oh my word! I can always be assured of a smile when I read your blog! You truly are SUPER MOM!!! Enjoy those precious craft time with the kids…they grow up waaaay too fast!

  2. Girl—You have A LOT of projects–WOW!! You deserve for that house to sell!!! I just finished browning all my meat for the soup swap—can’t wait!

  3. Ok I thought I had ADD but there is no way I could do that many projects at once. I’d lose my mind and dinner would never be made until one was finished which might not be ever.

  4. can’t help but notice there is no mention of Molly Kate…..Did you leave at Belks in the parking lot the previous day?

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