Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 12, 2010

Just a glimpse of our Night Life . . .

I am sure you have all noticed a lack of blogging, but I am trying to get back into it!  I miss journaling our life, but 3 kids take up a lot of time, especially when Child #2 is soooo high maintenance and you have a refluxy baby.  Thank the Lord for sweet, easy Charlie!

Anyways, last night from 11something until 2 something MK was up multiple times.  It doesn’t help her usual bad sleeper self that she is cutting LARGE teeth and has a cold.  Carsyn had eaten at 5pm and surprised us by being out for the night and didn’t get up until 3:30 to eat!  She hadn’t had her nightly meds, nor had she pooped, so I gave her her meds and her 2 oz of juice in hopes of getting things going.  I let her sit up with me for 30 minutes before feeding her to let her meds/juice settle in…. apparently it wasn’t enough! I turned on the tv and settled in to feed her (so I wouldn’t fall asleep).  In the middle of eating, she spit up everywhere.  Then I set her up as fast as I could and it went everywhere again — projectiled onto the floor!  Poor Chad had been rolling over when this happened and he saw it all! And they say white boys can’t jump – ha!  Here is the pile of laundry created during that 2 second disaster —

View One

View Two

Pile includes, but is not limited to:  fitted sheet, top sheet, one pillow case, mattress pad, quilt, 2 burp cloths, 1 towel, 1 baby shirt, 1 baby’s first thanksgiving pjs, 1 pair of panties (yes, they had to be RUNG out they were so wet– ugh (this is a near daily thing for me), 1 pair of pj bottoms, 1 pajama top, 1 pair of socks (yeah – it was that bad)

The only thing that didn’t have to be changed was my nursing bra – not sure how it was spared!!!

Things that had to be cleaned — the floor and my pillow was soaked through!

See if you can identify the items in the pile!!!  Happy Searching! 

And I should have taken a picture of how rigged the bed for the rest of the night – since we only have one set of sheets!   There were lots of blankets used, I think I had a Cars blanket under me and covered up with a UGA blanket!!

I am off to …. do laundry!

“Whatever you do, do it with all your heart as working for the Lord”  Col 3:23

And as always, I try to find the joy in things.  Here are the blessings:

1.  Clean sheets

2.  TV time with the hubby as we tried to unwind after the cleanup

3.  Falling more in love with my hubby as he serves our family day and NIGHT!  Thanks Chad for all the shifts you do at night!

4.  Thankful that I have 3 healthy children.  I could be doing much harder things at night then changing sheets. 

5.  Charlie didn’t wet the bed and MK didn’t puke in hers – that would have put me over the edge!!! 



  1. OH Katie! we are praying for y’all! Don’t you just LOVE the smell of clean laundry?

  2. Oh Baby Girl…you are such a good mommy to those three babies…As hard as all this is….I still prefer it to this, “Mom, I am going to _____ with ______ which translates to….I WILL NOT SLEEP TILL YOU RETURN!!!!

  3. That sounds miserable but I like your outlook. I may call you at 2 a.m. so you can give me a better outlook. just kidding i wouldn’t do that to you. chances are i’d be catching you on your one night of sleep. well i hope you got your laundry done and all your babies are better now. i bet if you put a little whiskey in molly kate’s bottle she’ll sleep right through the night. or what is it, a little bourbon on her gums 🙂 lol nobody call child protective services i’ve never done that.

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