Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 11, 2010

You know your babies are close in age. . .

You know your babies are close in age, WHEN . . .

1.  they can wear the same size diaper!

Two times now, MK has been without her own diapers when we have been out and about (note:  I was never unprepared with the first two).  MK wears a size 3 and Carsyn a 1, but in tight squeeze they can share!  MK can sport a size 1 – it just is a bit like a low rise bikini!

2. you have to throw out the oldest baby’s leftover breast milk to make room for the new!

3.  you get asked if they are TWINS!  Seriously, this makes me laugh.  After church a couple of weeks ago, the girls were in these outfits:

and the waitress asked if they were twins.   MK was in the high chair and Carsyn was asleep in my arms!!!  I almost laughed out loud, but she was serious!

4.  Your oldest baby gets up more at night then the little one!!

Poor Molly Kate still has a hard time at night.  Every once in a while, she sleeps all night, but most nights she is up LOTS!  Carsyn sleeps through the night some nights (10-12 hours) and if not gets up once!  MK not so much! 

5.  for 6 weeks, we had 2 non walkers!!!

6.  you don’t even have to box up the oldest one’s clothes, you just slide them down in the closet. Saves so much time!!! 

7.  your girls will never remember not having each other!!!



  1. Love, love, love it!! LOVED having my babies so close in age AND still do!!! They are the best of friends and I know yours will be, too!!! 🙂

  2. What a cute post and so true that they will never remember life without the other. Ummm, as adorable as they are in those outfits, twins? Really? They are clearly not THAT close in age. I can’t believe you are up so much in the night. I am NOT looking forward to that part again. I just don’t know how I’ll do it. It was so hard going 6 months with Ava not sleeping through the night. I used to cry and think it will never happen. Molly Kate sounds like a Matt Parmer. I can remember your mom saying they had to lay a sleeping bag on the floor so when Matt wandered into their romm in the middle of the night he could sleep on the floor next to them. Ummm, you wanna be my baby nurse and get up with my boy in the middle of the night since you’re so used to it. I may not make it 🙂

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