Posted by: Katie Cottle | October 12, 2010


Molly Kate is making a lot of progress with Carsyn!  She at first just didn’t even notice her.  AND then she decided she liked to smack her in the head (and we aren’t talking KISSING).  AND then she decided that gagging her sister was much more fun.  AND finally she likes to give her a KISSING SMACK.  BUT don’t trust her yet – she can still resort to any of the above displays of “affection”!

This is her favorite thing to do to her sister!  Gets a great reaction!

Sigh of relief she is gone!

Sweet Carsyn slept through all the excitement and was glad to be alone!!

I could eat her up!

Thanks Mama for their cute pjs!!!



  1. My lil lavendar loves!!!! So glad you captured MK gagging Carsyn!!!

  2. That is hilarious. I swear Molly Kate looks so chill with her passy sitting there it’s hard to believe she could be such a stinker. I think you are making all of this up Katie 🙂 You planted her hand there and then snapped the picture. I’m on Molly Kate’s side cuz she is just too precious to be that rotten. Carsyn is such a cutie.

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