Posted by: Katie Cottle | September 11, 2010

Carsyn’s First Week at Home

I can’t believe we have been home a week!  Time is flying by and I want it to slow down because I want to treasure every moment with this new gift!

Some thoughts on this week:

  • My mom has been a lifesaver!  She has met our every need!!!  She left yesterday for the weekend, but took the 2 big kids with her!  They’ll all be back Sunday evening!  I don’t know who I miss more????
  • Our family has been blessed with such wonderful friends!   We are so blessed!  They have showered us with prayers, emails, calls, and meals!  WOW!!!  We are humbled by their kindness.  May we all be the Hands and Feet of Christ to those around us.
  • Neat Story for the week:  Last Wednesday (before my induction) Frankie (FIL) and I went and got a pedicure!  So FUN!  Anyways, I chatted with this nice lady beside me off and on!  Before I left she told me she wanted to give me a gift and asked for my address.  Low and behold, Chad brought home the most beautiful blanket EVER that she had stitched prayerfully for our baby girl!  Can you believe that???  God is good!!!
  • Carsyn is a very content baby so far! 
  • She is SUPER alert!
  • Already has reflux!!  We started her on Zantac Thursday and are praying for results.  It breaks my heart to see her gagging and such.  She really doesn’t fuss about it, but you can see it across her face 😦
  • Molly Kate pretty much ignores her.  When she sees her she pats her — on the head.  We are working on that!  She also likes her eyes!!!
  • Charlie is a great big brother!  He is a big help, but I have to admit I am so thankful he goes to Preschool in the morning!!!  It is good for all of us!
  • Chad is a GREAT husband and Father!  He really has risen to the challenge!  He preaches tomorrow morning and I know he is enjoying being back in the routine! 
  • I feel much better today than I have all week!  Now, the hard part is not over doing it!!!!  I know all you mamas out there can relate!!!  Especially, the more kiddos you have!!!
  • Carsyn was just one ounce shy of her birth weight at the DR on Thursday. 

Click HERE for pictures!  I wish I could post them here – it just takes toooo Long! 

Remembering 9-11-01



  1. Reflux already??? Bless that sweet baby! That’s just no fair.

    So it appears that if the first two have it then the third one is destined too? If so that means I’m doomed LOL

    So happy for you guys and I can’t wait to meet her!

    And ps, you absolutely have the most awesome mom ever!!!!

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