Posted by: Katie Cottle | August 23, 2010

Charlie’s First Day of PreKindergarten

Charlie started school today and was SO excited about his big day!!!!  He did great and was all smiles when I picked him up at noon!!!  He, of course, shared NO details of his day!  Boys!!!

Charlie will be going to our church’s preschool 5 days a week from 9 – 12!  He will ride to work with Chad in the morning – BEST part!!!  The boys are excited abou their time together!!! 

On Friday, we met Charlie’s teachers!  We are super excited about Mrs. Carole

and Mrs. Lee Anne

and Mrs. Rebecca for music!

(I have 3 goals for Charlie for this year:  One of which is to learn to smile for the camera – -geez!  Hope they teach that!!)

We joined the PTO and ordered Charlie a t-shirt!  We are official!

Here are a few pictures of our PreK student this morning:

What a big boy with his bookbag on!!!

With Mommy before school this morning! 

and with Daddy!

We went to breakfast at McDonalds and then took Charlie to school!  He was hard at work before we left –

Goal 2: To hold a pencil and write!  The boy is super smart ( I know I am partial) but we have not been successful at the fine motor tasks of coloring and writing!  Perfect to let someone else teach him!!!


Goal 3:  To use hand sanitizer without melting completely!!!!! 

Really and truly, our goals for Charlie this year are:

1.  For him to be a leader and make the right choices even when it is hard.

2.  To honor and obey and his teachers.

3.  To make friends and enjoy going to school!

Here is to a great first year of school Charlie!!!



  1. I am so proud of our little man. I know he will learn all you expect PLUS lots more!!! He already knows that only people who do NOT have Jesus in their hearts use words like “butt” and “hiney.” AND that’s just what you taught him! Imagine the possibilities!!!

  2. Haha! I love your Mom’s post!! Precious Charlie on his first day, it’s hard to believe he is even old enough. He looks so sweet, and I know he will learn lots and love all his time with his friends!!! So sweet!!

  3. So sweet!!! So glad to hear his first day was a success! Grayson and I are way excited that we get to pick him up for a playdate after his 2nd day of school!!! 🙂 That is AFTER the mop party, of course! LOL!! So fun, looking forward to it!

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