Posted by: Katie Cottle | July 9, 2010

Cow Appreciation Day 2010

You know the Cottles love FREE food and what could be better than free Chick-fil-a!!!

Cow Appreciation Day

We went to the Christian Chicken all dressed up today for our 2nd annual free meal!

CHarlie trying to pull his staples out — can’t imagine why???

And here we are ….

Don’t you love my udders?  I thought I looked enough like a cow just as I am, but had to make sure I got my food free 🙂




  1. LOVE IT!!! Yall all look hot!! And I mean temperature wise. Molly looks like she’s about to melt.

  2. I know Molly Kate looks so hot. That’s how Ava and I look every day we get out down here. I wish we didn’t leave 35 minutes away from a Chick Fil A or we would join in the free food fun.

  3. So stinking cute! I always LOVE me some FREE food!!! 🙂

  4. hey Katie! I was looking for your email address and found your blog:) I have someone who is wondering if you would do a coupon class for them….can you email me?

  5. LOVE the UDDERS!!!!!

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