Posted by: Katie Cottle | July 1, 2010


Kids say the darndest things and Charlie is no exception!!!  
Here are a few recent good ones:

1.  “Esau traded his BirthMARK for Jacob’s Stew”

2.  When coming back into the Den after he had already been put to bed, “The wind just blew me out of bed and into here.”

3.  When we asked Charlie what he learned/did at Sunday School he replied, “Esau and Jacob.  We were suppose to make patterns, but I made an alien”

4. He asked me where monsters lived the other day.  I told him in our imagination.  His reply, “Not this one.  He lives under my bed.”

5.  He told someone that “Molly was his only friend.”

6.  He at least daily thanks God for his “bossom buddies”.

7.  MK has had croup and has had a couple of REALLY rough nights.  The other day Charlie told me after lunch, “You should go take a nap because you had a bad night last night.  You had a leg cramp (true) and I’ll play computer games.”  He is so sneaky and I fell for it!!!!!

8.  During his nightly prayers, he prayed:  “I want to say a prayer for Molly.  Dear God, I don’t like you very much.” 

9.  EVERY time he is told it is time to brush his teeth, he says, “AGAIN???”

10.  “I love you as a great, big (fill in the blank).”  So sweet and funny at the same time!




  1. Good idea to write these down b/c I am sure we have forgotten so many Charlieisms!

  2. Love the one too when he said he wanted to get out the ladder so he could go up to heaven and see Frizzy!!!!

  3. These are great!! Charlie is a little ham! I love the going to heaven via ladder to see Frizzy too!

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