Posted by: Katie Cottle | June 24, 2010

Molly Kate’s First Birthday Party

It was so special to celebrate Molly Kate’s first Birthday on her actual birthday!  We were going to have a little party for her in LG, but when we found out my inlaws couldn’t make it – we decided to move it to Dville!  That way there was no extra driving for my family! 

Molly Kate was sick for her Birthday and that is a another post that is coming!  She had roseola and an ear infection.  She wasn’t contagious, but she was covered in a pink rash from head to toe and was quite pitiful!  So keep that in mind when you see the pictures!  In fact, she slept through most of the party!!

The Theme:  A Flower Party

We ended up having a flower theme!   I really like no theme for First Birthdays, but a piece of clothing swayed me this time!   I found the cutuest bloomer set at Amanda Remembered a couple of months ago and knew we didn’t need it, but had to have it!  I decided it would be perfect for her birthday!!!   I am going to get some better pictures now that she is finally is feeling better!

Isn’t it sweet???

The Balloons:  Chad and my Cousin Richard went to Party City to get the 1st Birthday Balloon for the Mailbox and then 10 pink and 4 white balloons!  I was going to use the solid balloons to make Martha Stewart’s Flower Balloons, but the balloons were way too full and it didn’t work out – so we had lots of pink and white balloons around the house!!  Here is a picture of Chad and Richard getting out of the car with the balloons —

They were packed in there!

The Food:

I wanted MK’s Birthday food to be “girly” like her!  My Grandmother made her chicken salad (which is to die for) and potato salad (which I don’t eat, but others love it!).   We had a baked ham, baked beans, chips, and all the trimmings.

For Dessert, we had Flower Cupcakes and Dirt Cake (the orange flower pot with the fruit skewers and gummy worms)!Nice and Easy!

Some pictures of Molly Kate’s Friends and Family:

Cute Kristi, Jamin, and The Bun in the Oven

Me with Beautiful Emma!  She is perfect!  Oh, and her parents and grandparents were there too! haha

MK after her nap with Davis, his mom Kim, and his Grandma

With her AWESOME Daddy!

And there is always time to hug my Little Girl!

The Preggo Mamas in White!  Totally unplanned!!

Charlie and Cousin Sam

GG Earl got to come to the PARTY!  We were so thankful he could come!  Abram loves to hear his war stories.  So SWEET!  Thanks Aunt B. for bringing Granddaddy!

I think there were almost 40 people there, but I sure didn’t capture many pictures!  I guess I was too busy having fun!!!


MK got so many sweet gifts.  Here are some pictures of her opening her gifts:

Davis was such a good helper!

Such a girl!  Charlie named the baby Carsyn and he puts her down for a nap when MK rests!  Guess he is getting ready to be my little helper!!!

A little dazed and confused!!! 

The Cake:

Molly Kate didn’t really love her cupcake!  I don’t think she felt up to it actually!  Anyways, here are a few pictures —

I love this shot! Charlie wore the same bib (in blue of course) on his First Birthday and he had his cake on the Dining Room Table!   He attacked his cake though!

Thanks to all who made MK’s First Birthday so special!!!





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