Posted by: Katie Cottle | June 7, 2010


So, I have rediscovered my love for Advil.  One of the biggest downers while pregnant is giving up Advil.  Tylenol might as well be a sugar pill for me!!!  For the past 6 weeks or so, I have had a lot of trouble with my back.  I have tried not to complain or let it keep me down, but it was getting the best of me!!!  I had tried the chiro, ice, etc. but between toting these extra 12 lbs (I am going to be in trouble – I think!) and my 20 pound baby girl around it wasn’t getting any better.   Then a few weeks ago, I started having more and more contractions.  It didn’t stress me at first because I had Braxton Hicks with MK, but they started gaining in frequency and intensity and didn’t go away when laying down/drinking water.  So I mentioned it to my Dr at my 6 month check up.  He told me some things to look for and 2 days later, I was back for an appt to get things checked out!!!  Thankfully no progress had been made!!!  I mentioned my back problem too!  He suggested I take Advil 2xs a day for the next few weeks.  It actually has helped both of my problems!   After a few days, my contractions and back pain have gotten so much better!!    Crazy how it has helped both!!!!  Now, I’ll just hope both problems stay gone once I have to discontinue the Advil by 30/32 weeks. 

Oh and here is a picture of Carsyn from my recent u/s!

What a precious gift!!! 



  1. What a sweet picture!! Glad you are getting relief, Advil is a miracle drug!!

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