Posted by: Katie Cottle | June 2, 2010

Beach Week ReCAP

We went with the Cottle Clan to the beach in the middle of May.  We had a great time!!! 

We went to Panama City and stayed at Majestic Beach.  It was perfect for us because we had a 4 bedroom condo and it gave everyone the space they needed!   Plus the balcony was HUGE!!!!  The location was great and a lot more convenient than the place we stayed at last time!

I had so many pictures to share that I collaged by day so that you can see some snapshots from our trip!

We stopped in Abbeyville, AL for lunch at Huggin’ Molly’s!  It was precious!  If you ever have the chance – you must go!!!!  Precious town and restuarant!  The kids did SUPER on the way down and even Chad behaved.  We had rented a book on CD and it helped to pass the time!

Then when we got to the condo, we unloaded the car and set out for dinner.  We ate at Sharkys and it was yummy.  Charlie enjoyed the pirate play area!!! 

It was chilly and rainy Sunday.  We checked out an awesome church  — Northstar Church!  It was drizzling after church. We had lunch at Pineapple Willys!!!  Then had a lazy afternoon.  The boys went to the Beach, but it was too chilly for us girls.  We went to Pier Park and had dinner at Guy Harveys!

Monday was a beautiful day!  We all enjoyed it!  We had dinner at Angelos (too die for!) and then we went to Pirate Golf!

Tuesday was another GREAT day!  We enjoyed the beach and pool and had dinner at Pompanos.  Charlie enjoyed feeding the turtles and fish after dinner!

Wednesday was another great day!  The boys set up our tent and it offered a nice break from the rays and heat!  A nice lady at the beach recommended Uncle Ernies for dinner.  We went and it was AMAZING!   Plus the area of St. Andrews is neat!   Charlie also met a friend at the pool named Jack and they played together every afternoon at the pool!  So fun 🙂

Thursday was BEAUTIFUL too!  Can you see a trend here?  We were blessed with great weather!!!  AND no oil!  We saw lots of sea life on our trip.  We saw stingrays, sharks, dolphins, and even a manatee!!!  Oh, and Charlie and crew collected lots of mollusks!  MK enjoyed her baby pool too!

We ate dinner at MY favorite restaurant EVER – Captain Andersons.  I generally split my entree with Charlie, and now even with MK.   It keeps me from over eating and the bill down!!!  Win-Win!!!  Charlie ate over half of my Red Snapper and MK had a 1/4 – little PIGS!  I am so thankful they are good eaters.  They both loved grilled seafood!

Friday was our last day on the BEACH!  It is amazing how fast it goes by!  We enjoyed the beach and the pool.   We had a little scare with Charlie!  I was down enjoying some me time at the pool while the kiddos rested and Chad and his mom brought them to the pool when they got up.  Charlie got excited when he saw me and slipped and fell in the pool!  We were so proud of him though because he bobbed to the top and we quickly got him out!  Chad got him a frozen banana drink to make it better.  He had already moved on by then, but MK loved it!!!  We had dinner at Pier Park again and went to Margaritaville!  The kids loved the balloon creations they got!

We packed up primarily Friday night to help make Saturday easier!  We had breakfast at Captain Jack’s before we left town  — yummy!!!  We had an uneventful trip and made great time home!  Here are a couple of pics of the kids doing what they do best while we packed the last bit up!!!

We had a great week and we are blessed with an awesome family!  It was great to spend time with Grammy, Papa, Uncle Corey, and Hot Rikki!!!



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