Posted by: Katie Cottle | May 26, 2010

Life as we know it!

These 2 videos pretty much sum up life at the Cottle House and probably yours  too if you have Multiple Little Ones!  Enjoy!

We are PROUD of our minivan! Especially after a week at the beach! I thank Chad for his sacrifices for our family to have one!!!

Love this one!!!


Happy Viewing!  and happy baby raising to you!!!



  1. That second video had me laughing – then I seriously teared up when the husband showed up with flowers and mom in the passenger seat.

    too too true to life (plus I’m pregnant and cry at everything)

    have you seen the movie Date Night – it was our first “date night” in 6 months, and the perfect movie to see. I recommend it if you and Chad can get away.

    Also LOVE the minivan!

  2. oh my gosh! the second one had be laughing out loud too!!! I’ve seen the swagger wagon commercials and videos, but i haven’t ever run across the second one. hilarious! thanks for sharing. I definitely can sympathize after being in this house non-stop for 3 weeks! hope you are well, Katie! grab a date night before that little one arrives!

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