Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 28, 2010

A Sunday Funny

Molly Kate was super under the weather last week.  Not only did she cut 4 teeth, but she also came down with Roseola.  She ran a fever from Tuesday to Friday and then broke out in a rash Saturday!  Once her rash appeared, she was no longer contagious.  She was pretty puny Saturday so we decided to keep Molly Kate  home from church.  I hated for Charlie to miss Sunday School and there was no way he was going to church with Chad at 6am, so I decided to take him to church.  I also had to drop off my craft for my 4 year olds, so – this is the funny part:

I put on a dress and put MK on a smocked dress so we didn’t look funny while we were dropping off Charlie! 

Here are some pictures of my crew at lunch Sunday once the boys got home —

MK loves people food! 

Side Note — bananas are a beast to get out!  Don’t let them set in!  Thank goodness for the bleach pen!

My little man!

and my Big Man!  He sure is tired when he gets home from church!  Especially on Sundays when he preaches!

MK is doing much better – just FYI! 



  1. The funniest part of this whole post is that Chad might REALLY be asleep!!! LOL!!! That boy can sleep anywhere!

  2. Looks like this man needs some Krispy Kreme HOT AND NOW!

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