Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 22, 2010

20 – 20

I can’t believe it, but I am 20 weeks pregnant today.  Wasn’t I just saying this??? hehe

I made List of 20 Random Preggo Facts to celebrate this milestone with Molly Kate and so I’ll give it a shot again.  Here is the post from last February.

20 Weeks Pregnant with Carsyn

1.  We suspected we were pregnant mid December and were pretty sure the 22nd of December, although we never got a good test result.

2.  The 29th of December was my Annual Exam so I had the Doctor’s office check and sure enough I was PREGNANT!  I called Chad and we just laughed together.

3.  My parents were in town that day, so we shared with them and then called his parents.

4.  Other than our parents, we didn’t utter a word to anyone until we were 12 weeks pregnant!

5.  Having a secret pregnancy is challenging when you feel so GREEN, but it made me suck it up in public.

6.  The early ultrasound I had in January showed a blood clot and a very small baby.  We have had this happen once before and the outcome was not favorable.

7.  Ends up the baby has grown regularly since that appt, just my due date went from the 31st of August to the 9th of September! That is quite a jump!!  Don’t think I didn’t have issues with this!!!!

8.  At the 13 week u/s we had a huge answered prayers that the blood clot was GONE!

9.  At 10 weeks, Carsyn had her first trip to Disney World!  She loved it!

10.  The first 16 weeks were no fun with the ALL Day nausea.  Having a non mobile baby was nice.  She learned to crawl the week my sickness went away.  God is good!!!

11.  I took Progesterone again this pregnancy – just to be on the safe side.   I took it until 18 weeks.

12.  At my 18 week u/s, we saw a healthy baby girl and she officially became Carsyn Anne!

13.  I bought my first Maternity Swim Suit last week:

Isn’t that cute???

14.  I try to lay down at least a few times a week for a nap when MK rests, because she is still getting up at night and there is never enough rest!!!

15.  Chad has been super supportive!  Since I found out I was pregnant he has really stepped it up a notch.  He pretty much had to work a second job when he go home at night those first few weeks.

16.  Not sure if it was pregnancy related or not, but about 9 weeks into my pregnancy the “Dairy Fairy”  left!  It has worked out really well though.  MK has done great on formula and Chad takes at least one shift a night!!!

17.  I feel like I am a lot bigger already than I was with Molly Kate.    Guess my body remembered just what to do!!!

18.  I am really hoping for a September baby because of the school grade issue.  Chad says even if she comes in August, we’ll probably hold her back and give us another a year at home with her and put 2 school grades between them!

19.  The comments people have made about having our 2 girls so close together have been hysterical!  Seriously, some people told us they were SORRY!  How crazy is that!  We are simply thankful!

20.  It is so fun to be pregnant with 2 of my best friends.  Anne Marie is due in August and Heidi is due in October!

Here I am with the Pregnant Girls at Charlie’s 4th Birthday Party

Anne Marie and baby Emersyn Kate

and Heidi and baby Brooks



  1. Love your list of 20 and you!! You are so creative with these lists!

  2. katie, aug 31 was my due date with jax! he came on the 27th and will be the BABY of his class. havent decided if that’s good or bad. we’ll see. loved this post!

  3. You are so smart to do a post like this. I never think of things like that. I am so thankful this pregnancy has gone so well and has been such a blessing. So glad we are getting to go through this special time together!

  4. So excited for yall. The bathing suit is adorable….why didnt you get a bikini??? Seems like that is what I see a lot of. I just dont think I could have let my belly hang out either. When Dave and I were pregnant with Patyon; people would ask,”Don’t yall know what causes that?” It’s kinda funny how other people think they know how your life should go. Carsyn and Molly Kate are going to get into so much together and they will be the best friends and the worst enemies, fighting over “she wore my jeans and didn’t put them in the wash” or maybe even “I liked him first”. What a fun adventure!!!

  5. So cute!! Carsyn and Piper will have to be buddies!! 🙂

  6. Love, love, love the name you and Chad have chosen. And, it’s such a blessing that Molly Kate and Carsyn will be so close in age – I always wished my sister and I were closer together.

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