Posted by: Katie Cottle | April 1, 2010

Spring is in the Air —

I love Spring!  We usually go straight from Winter to Summer in the South (IMO), but anyways I love it!!!

We have been having fun dyeing eggs –

Making Spring Treats-

Little Nests – We have made these twice now!

For St. Patrick’s Day (Leprechaun Day according to Charlie) we made Rainbow Cupcakes!

We also made Jello Eggs the other day and I’m going to try again for Easter and maybe I’ll remember pictures!

Hunting Eggs with friends:

What I’ve been reading:

Crazy Love by Francis Chan – Awesome!

I reread Fields of the Fatherless.   This book was given to us when we first felt a call on our lives to adopt!  We are passionate about adoption and can’t wait until our time comes to bring home 1 or 2 little (Latin preferably) babies!!!   A girlfriend had just finished reading this book after I recommended it to her about a call God had placed on her life and we got together to talk about it!   So glad, I re-read it!  It reminded me that I need to be actively helping widows and orphans and I can’t just wait until we adopt to fulfill what God has called us each to do!!!  So, I am praying and trying  . . .

This is an EASY read and I really recommend it to anyone who is curious about what God has to say about helping others!!!

This is what I am using for my Devotional Time:

I bought it a year or 2 ago and have never had the time to do it because I am always in a group Bible Study, but I finally had to decide to drop out of my Beloved Explorers Bible Study for reasons I will blog about soon!!!  I love going, but it was just too hard to get their and then to know MK wasn’t napping and was fussing – it was just too much!  I really miss Explorers (especially Carol’s lectures), but I had already planned on taking next year off (for above reason), but this study has worked out so well for me that I think it was best!

I have been taking a bubble bath almost everynight and I have enj0yed the extra time to read and pray.  Plus there aren’t usually too many distractions — my usual problem with reading and praying!  I swear I need ADD medication!!!  I usually wait until Charlie is in bed, but some nights after MK is down I go ahead and get in! Never fails that Charlie comes back to chat (which I love).  He always offers me his bath toys and wants to feel the bubbles and sometimes starts trying to get in!!!   What a mess!

This was a random post, but well, so is life!!!



  1. Katie, for many, many years I didnt know you could take a bath without someone dipping their hands in there. Still, as teenagers, they just pop in anytime to chat while I am in there.

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