Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 30, 2010

Waiting at the Doctor’s Office

Wednesday night MK had a high fever and was pretty much over it all!  So, I suspected an ear infection and we went to the Doctor to check it out.  (Side Note:  Her 10 day recheck was the next day!)  We didn’t have to wait long at all to see the Doctor – yeah!

One of her ears was slightly pink, but not enough to have caused such a high fever.  So, she wanted to rule out a TeeTee problem – which I agreed was a good idea!  So the nurse came in and cleaned her up and then attached this plastic bag on her to catch the teetee!  Then I gave her a bottle and figured we would be good to go, but NO!  She refused to teetee!  This is the girl that always has a wet diaper on!!!  The nurse said a lot of little ones try to hold it because it feels so weird!  So we waited and waited and waited!  Finally, the Dr’s office was closing and they gave us instructions for collecting and bringing it back in the next day.   When we got home she had teeteed – yeah!  BUT, it was all spilled out in her diaper!   So we went back the next day and she did awesome and No infection!  Who knows what the fever was, but her ears were looking better already! KIDS!

Here are some pictures that show just how much fun I was having – haha!  Trying to entertain 2 kids at the Dr’s office for an hour and a half is some kinda torture!!!  (Especially since Charlie and I had already been to the Dentist and for a hair cut!).



  1. Looks like MK is great at keeping herself occupied while waiting 🙂 I have got to come soon and visit!! They are growing too much and too fast!!
    Love y’all.

  2. So funny! I love MK’s outfit! That is my kind of girl……cute outfits make any girl feel better..haha!

  3. oh goodness we’ve had to do the “tee tee bag” collection too with Gracie several years back! NO FUN! We waited for like 2 hours, and once she finally went it was all into her diaper instead of in the collection bag. They ended up having to give her a catheter, IT WAS HORRIFIC! So glad your adventure had a happier ending, LOL!! 🙂

    MK looks precious, I’m happy to hear she’s starting to feel better! xoxo

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