Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 27, 2010

Traveling Home from Disney!

Who would have thought that the ride home from Disney could be just as exciting as the rides at Disney???

I’ll pick up journaling from where I left off last —

We are EXHAUSTED and leaving Epcot and it is after 9:30 at night.  Dad gets a call about the weather from my brother.  Ends us  SNOW is coming the next day!!!   My Dad then tells us that he is considering DRIVING all night to get us home before the weather STRIKES!  I think I would have cried if we had to do that and my mom  might not have been so nice to my dad either BUT thankfully he decided we just wait until the morning.

We made a list of our options:

1.  Leave that night

2.  Leave REALLY early in the morning

3.  Have Breakfast with Mickey at Chef Mickey as planned (10:45 am Reservation) and leave as planned

4.  Stay an extra day at Disney and enjoy the magic!

Well, we ended up doing NONE of that!  We were too tired for #1 and #2 (if you have been to Disney you totally understand).  We were afraid to stay for the Character Breakfast because it would take too long (SAD – since that is what I had bought my kiddos matching outfits for, but I totally understood) and we couldn’t stay an extra day because the resort was booked and we would have had to move and the weather was going to be cold and rainy — not quite the weather we were looking for!!!

So, we ended up getting up and going at a decent time and took off around 10 am, I think!  We hadn’t been on the road too long when the heavy rains started!!!  Yuck!  I woke up not feeling too well, so most of the trip was a blur for me thanks to drugs!!!  We made it Tifton about the time the snow started.  My parents dropped us off and ended up making it to Macon before they stopped for the night!

We had planned on staying with the Cottles for the night to visit with them and it worked out perfectly!  We even got to see Uncle Corey and eat dinner at our favorite restaurant — PLUS  we saw Tifton covered in snow!!!  Too bad I didn’t take any pictures!!!!

We got home Saturday evening with lots of laundry and even more memories!!


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