Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 24, 2010

Final Day at Disney!

We spent our last day at the Magic Kingdom!  We started and ended with the BEST!!!

It was quite COLD, when we loaded the shuttle –

Can you tell?  But MK was having a great time —

and so was I!  After all – this is DISNEY!  The happiest place on EARTH!!!

Us girls – are having a GREAT TIME!  Good and bundled up, of course!!!

Have I mentioned how FABULOUS these strollers are????

(and don’t you love the red jacket over the blue sweat suit!  I definitely didn’t have enough warm clothes)

We headed to Mickey’s Toontown Fair first.  Charlie rode his first Roller Coaster –The Barnstormer, the kiddie coaster!  He LOVED it!

Side Note:  The wait to see the FAIRIES was 70 – 90 minutes!  Isn’t that crazy???  Tink and her friends are quite popular! Needless to say I was glad MK wasn’t old enough to want to see them!!!

Then, we went through Minnie’s House (B*O*R*I*N*G), but Charlie liked it and it was warm inside –

Molly Kate and I relaxed while everyone else experienced the Speedway-

and here is Charlie with his DRIVER’s Licensce

How did I get a driver so quickly????

We rode Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin again!

Unfortunately, Charlie got captured with Zurg!

Here are MK and I kicking Zurg’s Booty on the ride!!!

How does one resist this face????

And we rode Charlie’s favorite AGAIN – Can you guess what it is?

The Haunted Mansion

Waiting in line!

The happy campers after the RIDE!

Then it was time for the PARADE!  We got an awesome spot!!!

Charlie with Cinderella’s MICE!

They even liked MK!

and she enjoyed the PARADE!

The only SAD part of our time at Disney –  my favorite ride was closed for maintenance!

SPLASH MountainCharlie liked checking it out though!!!

While we were in Frontierland, we ran into Woody and Jessie –

and we went to Tom Sawyer’s Island —

Can you tell how much fun Mom and I were having???

The boys did totally enjoy themselves though —

MK enjoyed the Ferry Ride back to LAND!!! haha

Chad, Charlie, Mom, and Dad went and rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  I was really nervous to see if he liked it or not – -but he LOVED it!

Here is a picture of the happy riders:

and afterwards, the proud riders:

We then loaded the train and said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom!

We decided to load the monorail and head to Epcot to give Mom and Dad a chance to ride Soaring!!!

Epcot was set to close at 7 pm and we got there at 6:45 – so it didn’t look like we had a good chance of doing anything!  There was no way I was running all the way across the park with 2 kids, so I decided that the kids and I would just do Spaceship Earth again (Charlie’s favorite).  He loved it and it is the first thing you come to and you walk right on!  Mom stayed with me, although I assured her we  would be just fine!!!  Charlie liked it so much that they told us we could just stay on and ride again!  I think Charlie rode it 4 times while we were there!!  Anyways, ends up most of the rides were going to be open until 9 pm!

Still haven’t figured it out!!!

Anyways, the boys rode Soaring and then met us at Nemo!  Mom and I had had enough of Spaceship Earth and all the futuristic stuff!!

Charlie loved Nemo!!!

Chad and I got in trouble for passing Molly Kate from clam to clam prior to the ride starting.  Like seriously – the clams were parked!  It was kinda funny though — Chad jokingly said to me, “She’s our kid, if we want to drop her – we can!”   Like we would ever harm her!!!

Then, we headed toward Soarin because I was convinced that Mama was going to experience it!!!!  We ate dinner at The Land and it was FABULOUS!  I totally recommend it for a quick service meal.  I had a Caesar Salad with chicken and it was one of the BEST I had ever had!!!

Then Chad kept MK and we walked right on to the ride!!!!  Mom loved it and I was SO happy that she got to experience it!   AND I was every happy that I got to ride it again too!

We walked out of the ride and attempted to head to the World Showcase to see the show:  Illuminations!  We didn’t get there in time to get a good spot and then we just got stuck in the crowd — ugh!  We did have fun though!

There were no words to describe how tired we were.  We had been at the park since about 9/930 that morning and it was now 12 hours later!!!

Can you tell the boys are tired??

They are waiting on the BUS!

We get on the bus and my brother calls Dad about the weather for the next day and —-

Well, the FUN is just beginning!!!



  1. We hit up the fairies during the night parade – no line at all! Just a note for when MK is ready 🙂

  2. Loved all of your pics! What great memories! I can’t wait for our trip!!

  3. looks like yall had a blast. and charlie just loved it didn’t he? molly kate is so cute. i just love looking at pics of her.

  4. i am loving your disney journal! takes me back to november when we went with betsy and nathan! 🙂

  5. Hang on Molly Kate, we are taking you to see the fairies when you get bigger!!!!

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