Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 21, 2010

Day 4 at Disney

Wow!  This day really started about 11pm Tuesday night.  MK had been down for about 40 minutes and then she was up again crying!  She was then up for most of the night!  Poor Chad even took her for a spin around the lobby.  Sometime in the middle of the night, it finally occured to me that she was sick and I gave her some tylenol (which didn’t really help).  After a sleepless night, we attempt to get going.  Chad finds us a Doc in the Box to take MK to and we rush to get ready in like 15 minutes and get out the door.  I drop everyone off at Epcot, where the temperature was in the 40s if my memory serves me right!  MK and I head to the DR (thank you Garmin)! 

Here are some pictures from the morning at Epcot —

Test Drive

With Nee Nee

and with Maw Maw

3 hours later – MK is diagnosed with an ear infection – No surprise!!!  I swing by Walgreens and drop off her prescription and my awesome parents volunteer to switch with me!  So, I went to Epcot and traded with them. 

Then, I got to spend the afternoon (which was much warmer) at Epcot with my boys!

Headed to the Nemo Ride!


Guess who the Shark ate????  Bad ole’ Bruce!

How cute are they???

We had a good time at Epcot and rode one of my favorite rides:  Soaring!  It was great!  We didn’t have long to spend at Epcot because we had tickets to the Hoop De Doo Review!

Here are my tired boys on our ride back!  We got there just in time to walk out the door to catch the ferry.  MK seemed to be feeling much better and was enjoying her treat from her grandparents.

She loves them!!! 

Here are some pictures from the Ferry Ride – it was FREEZING!

A Bundled up Baby!  She was toasty warm!

The chilled family of 4! We laughed so hard on the way over and really did have a good time!

Mom and Dad looked way too nice to be with us.  Since they were on MK duty, they had actually had time to freshen up!  Much better than me – I had gotten ready in 15 minutes early that morning after being up all night and having gone to bed with wet hair! It was scary!

We got to the HoopDeDoo Review early only to find out it was about to start –oops!

We loved the show and the amazing dinner wasn’t too bad either!  It was a great family fun event!

Told you it was scary!  Of course, MK looked like a doll!

With the grandparents!

Charlie loved the Strawberry Shortcake!!!

A little crowd participation!

and it would not be an evening out with MK where Chad doesn’t stand and do his bounce to get Prissy to sleep!!!

There are no pictures from the Ferry ride home, but the family in front of us got a good laugh from us!  They were from Martha’s Vineyard – which is the closest to hell I think I have ever come (but that is a blog for another day!).   Us Southerns are just to delicate for the cold!!!

Thank the Lord for drugs and MK had a much better night!!  Just one day left at the park — makes me sad just remembering!!!


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