Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 11, 2010

Woody’s Round Up

Charlie is turning 4 Sunday!  Where does time go???

We celebrated in Tifton with our family this past weekend.

We are headed to D’ville this weekend to celebrate!

Here are some pictures from celebrating with our Little Man:

The Munchies (minus the pizza)

Some of our special family!

Cutting the Cake

Opening Presents

Charlie’s New Buzz Wings

Grammy and Papa were so generous and threw Charlie the best party!  He had so much fun and got to play with cousins he never sees!!!  It was a great day!



  1. So, so cute! I hate we are gonna miss his party on Saturday! Why do things seem to always conflict??? I know he will have a great time and we will have to get together next week to celebrate! “To infinity and beyond………” We love you Charlie!! Happy 4th Birthday! Isabelle and Grayson!!

  2. What?! Didn’t you just post pictures of that pirate party? And didn’t we just go to a Noah’s Ark party?! Wow, you are such a joy to everyone, Charlie. We are thankful for your life!

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