Posted by: Katie Cottle | March 10, 2010

Baby Mum Mums

A special thanks to my friend Margaret for introducing us to Baby Mum Mums!

Molly Kate loves to eat!   She doesn’t get a lot of quantity because we spend most of our day getting in enough formula (and failing)!  BUT – she has never turned down any food (well, not since the beginning anyways)!  She likes all baby food and all people food that she has gotten to try!

She is very demanding about having something in her mouth – if you have something in yours!  So about 2 weeks ago we started her on the Gerber Puffs.   She liked them but she has a hard time getting them from her fingers to her mouth and she takes a good bit of help!  Although, she is just as happy to play with them!!  Anyways, Margaret brought us one to try and I figured I would have to tear it into pieces and help her – but NOPE! She can do it all by herself!  They are perfect for when we are sitting at the table together and she doesn’t need any baby food (or has already finished it!)

You can buy these at Wal Mart and I totally recommend them!!!  AND so does MK!



  1. Kelly LOVED these for the twins!! Glad MK likes them!

  2. Oh yeah. Ava lived off mummums and puffs since she refused baby and table food for 13months. And don’t worry i never got enough formula down ava either. Its a wonder she’s still alive 🙂

  3. Davis LOVES these too!!

  4. Bring on those gourmet treats to our house!!!

  5. they’re actually quite tasty. i did a post about jax and his mum mums a while back. he loved the things. they come in veggie too!

  6. My little reflux monster loves those too! And has from the very beginning! ❤ baby mummums! 🙂

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