Posted by: Katie Cottle | February 16, 2010

Disney Travel Days

Plan1:  Stay in Ty Ty at my inLaws on the way to Disney to break up the drive for the little people (3 hours to Grammy and Papas and 4 to Disney)

Actual1:  Spend Friday night at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tifton!

Details:  My inlaws were on vacation at their cabin in the mountains, so we were just going to let ourselves in at their house and stay the night.  Unfortunately, Chad’s key didn’t work and neither did their neighbor’s!

Plan2:  Check into hotel.  Chad takes a very disappointed Charlie swimming while I get MK to sleep!

Actual2:  The pool was not heated (just indoors), so they weren’t gone too long.  Needless to say, MK was wide awake!  At midnight, we finally all were asleep!!!

Plan3:  My parents were to drive to Tifton to meet us for the remainder of the ride down to Orlando at lunch or a little after.

Actual 3:  Dad had been sick all week and they arrived at Tifton around 3!

Plan4:  An uneventful drive to Orlando

Actual4:  A successful trip – with just a few tears at the very end.

We went straight to dinner at Chevy’s!   Mom and I ran to a grocery store next door and grabbed a couple of things while we waited.

Here are a few pictures:

MK checking it all out!

Charlie waiting for his Balloon Creation

Charlie and his dinosaur!

and Molly Kate’s first Princess!!!

We stayed Saturday night at the Royal Plaza.  We added a night to our trip after our original booking and couldn’t go back and add on a night for a decent price!  It was a good place to stay for the big 12 hours we were there!!!

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and set out for  . . .



  1. It was a magical week. Seems like forever ago already!!!!!

  2. too cute. can’t wait to see more !!!

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