Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 13, 2010

Seven Months

I know I say this every month, but TIME MUST SLOW DOWN!!!

Molly Kate is just as precious and stinkin’ cute as ever!

At 7 months,   Molly Kate:

  • Still wears 1-2 Diapers
  • Wears 6-9 month clothing for the length
  • Takes GREAT naps during the day!
  • Is still not sleeping great at night, but we are working on it! 
  • Has had a HARD time with solid food.  She LOVES it, but it doesn’t love HER!!!  Her poor tummy is so sensitive!  So far she can only eat  pears and carrots.  They both give her terrible gas, but at least she isn’t in Pain!
  • Still won’t take a bottle!!!
  • Still has the most gorgeous GRAY eyes!
  • Went to the movies today to celebrate her Special Day.  She loved Alvin and the Chipmunks!
  • Experienced her first snow!
  • Is called “Sister” or “Sissy” by her brother.
  • Can’t quite sit up by herself – yet!
  • Rolls occassionally
  • Just gave up sleeping on the wedge!
  • Loves to hug her blankie at bedtime!


Molly Kate and her BFF Lilly Grace



  1. she is so precious

  2. PLEASE can she stay too? I love these pics!

  3. The picture of MK holding Lily Grace is the cutest – loving her babydoll!!! So sweet!

  4. So precious. I thought about her 7 month birthday at work on Tuesday! Crazy how time flies by. Love her pic with her sweet Lilly Grace doll!! Miss y’all!

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