Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 11, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Thursday evening Chad and I decided to come to Dville to shop and go see a movie.  We were planning on heading out Friday morning, but got a wild hair and set out about 8 pm Thursday night.  The kids were snug in their pjs and so was I.  I did throw my slippers on, of course.

The snow started picking up about the time we got off the interstate.  The roads were getting white and the temp was below freezing when we were about 5 miles from home.  Since the “Great Flood” in Dville, our trip is about an extra 15 minutes now.  Thanks to that delay we got STUCK!!!   Multiple Times

First on Annewake.  We think there was a wreck.  Chad turned us around (I was WAY PROUD) and we set out for 92 and then on to I20.  Everything was great until we got to Reynolds Road – We could have made the hill, but there was a car stuck in the middle of both lanes. 

So, we turned around again.  We went up Stewarts Mill to Chapel Hill Road and made it right past Fowler Field and that is when things got SCARY!  An ambulance met us and stopped.  We look to our right and in the ditch is an overturned car.  Oh my, I started panicking!   The road is super narrow there, so I told Chad we were not turning around.  We would just wait it out and worse case scenario – we were less than a mile away from my parents.  We could get there the old fashioned way!

Traffic started moving and we figured we were good to go!  We were using our common sense and unfortunately, others weren’t! Next thing I know the Police Officer has closed down the hill.

Thankfully, there is a paved driveway/pull off right where we were at!  We parked our car there.  My dad met us there within seconds.  He had driven his car to the top of a hole on the golf course, where we were parked at the bottom – across the street! 

We get the kids bundled up and I grab them each a set of dry pjs and clothes and MK’s drugs.  I put MK in the Baby Bjorn and wrap her in blankets, plus she had on a hat and mittens.   I remember I just have on slippers and so I put my boots on from my suitcase.  Dad thinks this is a great idea.  I put my coat on around priss and I. 

Dad wakes up Charlie who has no clue where we are and is quite disoriented.  He does his usual – PUKES everywhere!  He mans up pretty quickly though.  Chad carries Charlie and the little bit of stuff we packed.  I have Priss and Dad has Chad’s laptop and MK’s carseat for when we get to his car. 

Dad realizes as we are climbing the slick hill, that when I said, boots – we were talking 2 totally different things.  I would have been better off in just regular stillhetos!  I had NO traction.  The boys got on each side of me and helped me to balance ( I wasn’t worried about myself, just my passenger).

We made it to Dad’s car with no trouble and even took time for a snowball throw or too!!  Dad’s car zipped through the neighborhood and we were safely home.  We figured mom would have been ready for us at the door with hot cocoa, but she must have been praying!!! 

I captured these 2 pics on our trek —



  1. and we’ll be talking about this for year….But of course, the story will get bigger and bigger in the retelling!!! The snow will be eight feet deep by the time Charlie hears the story when he’s 16!!!!

  2. Ya’ll are CRAZY Katie!! I am glad it all turned out OK. 🙂

  3. I’ll be glad to keep your kids for you next time y’all want to go watch a movie instead of dragging the kids out in a ice and snowstorm! J/K- I love being spontaneous like that!

  4. how funny! I was picturing you in those boots slipping up the hill…ha! Never a dull moment!

  5. What a great adventure! God was answering our prayers of protection that evening. ly Dad

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