Posted by: Katie Cottle | January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010

I still can’t believe that Christmas is over. 

I wonder how long I’ll write ’09 on my checks!

What will I call this year:  Twenty -Ten or Ten or O-Ten?

Will I look back with joy at ’10, like I will ’09?

Such a time of new beginnings . . .

I have officially given up New Years Resolutions because I don’t stick with them.  I have the same ones every year and they never seem to happen:   Spend more time in Prayer and Bible Study, EXERCISE, and drink less COKE! 

So this year, I still want the same things!  Minus the Coke for now!!  So, I am setting up some guidelines for myself – No Blogging unless I have had my quiet time and exercised! 

Having 2 kids has been a lot busier than I ever imagined (in the BESTEST kind of way) and it has been a real struggle for me to carve out time for prayer and Bible Study.  Seems like at least one gets left out each day and to be honest some days – both!   When I just had Charlie, I got up early some mornings for my Quiet Time, but I always had his nap time if I needed it!  Well – surprise Charlie gave up his nap about the time MK was born.  He still takes Quiet Time in his room to instill stillness in him and give him some reflective time (plus – some days he’ll nap!!!), but it is rare that MK stays down long enough while he is in his room for me to grab some time.  Plus I feel so much pressure to use that time to get stuff done!!!  I know I am not alone in this struggle!!!

So, a little late, but here is a quick review of ’09:

  • Our family received a giant blessing when my mama’s surgery and recovery went so well!!!  What a blessing the Team at Vanderbilt are!!! 
  • Charlie turned 3 surrounded with lots of Pirate Friends and Family.
  • Charlie potty trained and overcame SEVERE Anxiety issues!!! 
  • Molly Kathryn joined our family June 12th and has blessed us with her beauty, rare smiles, and snuggles since then.  We have almost finished paying the Lil’ Princess off! (I sure miss having GOOD insurance!)
  • Chad got a “new job”.  
  • We celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  Chad surprised me with a new ring!  We are looking forward to taking a trip to celebrate once I am done nursing!  We are almost all saved up 🙂  yeah!
  • We got a MiniVan!  Retired Chad’s Trooper that he picked me up for our first date in!
  • Learned a LOT about Reflux and COLIC — the hard way!
  • Spent a LOT of money and time trying to figure out Chad’s Breathing Problems and we still have no ANSWERS!
  • Saw reconcilliation in Chad’s family!  A true blessing and gift!

Just a few biggies from this year!  God has been at work in 2009 and the one certainty we have is that His hand will be there in 2010.  Our prayer is that He alone will be our guiding force this year!

Oh, and for the first time that I can remember – I was asleep before Midnight on NYE!  (MK has been sick and up most of the night with a yucky cough, so I have to grab sleep when I can)



  1. are we living the same life thirty miles apart? wish you lived closer:) oh who are we kidding, probably wouldn’t see each other anyways…but it is nice to know you are out there. keep pressing on dear sister!

  2. What a wonderful year it was! So many blessings for y’all! I can’t wait to see what 2010 holds! Happy New Year!

  3. Me too…my first year being asleep (in the bed) before midnight on NYE. It’s amazing what babies will do to ya! They’ll totally change your priorities, won’t they!

  4. You forgot to say that Frizzy is still living large in our hme…..Would that be a blessing ?????

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