Posted by: Katie Cottle | December 27, 2009

What a Merry Christmas!

I am so behind on blogging all of the fun we have had over the past week. Lets hope I can catch up on all of our adventures!!!

Last Sunday after church we loaded up the minivan for a week of fun!  Boy, was I glad to have all that room!  We were loaded down with clothes, goodies, baby stuff galore, and Presents galore!

We spent Sunday through Thursday night late with the Cottles in Tifton!  What an awesome extended visit!

Can you tell Charlie is excited to spend time with Grammy and Papa???

Pajamas under the TREE

Me and the BESTEST Christmas Present this year!  Remember we found out Christmas Eve last year that Molly Kate was coming, and not Henry or Hudson!!!

Seeing the Lights in Tifton!  What a great tradition!!

Feeding the Horses with Uncle Tommy!  Charlie’s new BFF!!!

More to come soon!!!!




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