Posted by: Katie Cottle | December 25, 2009

Jesse Tree: Day 27

December 25

Scripture: Luke 2: 6-21

Reading: Our waiting is over! Jesus is born! The star is shining, the angels are singing, the shepherds are worshiping. Our savior is here!

Mary was happy to have her beautiful baby, but she knew that not every day would be as special as his birth day. She knew that raising God’s son was going to be a challenge. But for the moment she tried to enjoy all the amazing things that had happened.

When sin first came into the world, God made a promise. Even when the people forgot about God and the promise, God didn’t forget about the people. God guided the people, protected the people, and loved the people, even when they were sinful. God was faithful, and today the promise is fulfilled.

Talk About: What is your favorite part of the Christmas story?

Prayer: Thank you, God of the universe, for the most wonderful gift of your son, Jesus.

Written by Christina Van Eyl. Illustrations by Helen Phillips except for the lion which was drawn by Jeff Brown.

Ornaments done by our group:


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