Posted by: Katie Cottle | December 16, 2009

Jesse Tree: Day 18

December 16

Scripture:  Isaiah 11: 6-9

Reading:  Animals are one of God’s great gifts to us. God made each animal unique. Many of them are gentle, but many others can hurt us or other animals. Most animals only hurt others when they are hungry or frightened.

Before Eve and Adam sinned, all of the animals got along with each other. There was no danger. God created a peaceful kingdom, but sin changed things. Someday God will restore peace to the world. There will be no hunger or fear, and all of the animals will get along again. They will not hurt each other, and we will not hurt them.

In a peaceful world, all of God’s children will get along too. There will be no more war and no more pain. What a wonderful world that will be!

Talk About:  How can you be a peacemaker?

Prayer:  Loving God, help us find ways to have peace in our world.

Written by Christina Van Eyl. Illustrations by Helen Phillips except for the lion which was drawn by Jeff Brown.

Ornaments by our group:

Side One:

Side Two:


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