Posted by: Katie Cottle | December 15, 2009

Pink Pig

Such another wonderful and fun day! 

The kids and I left this morning for Buckhead!  My sweet Mama and G’ma were providing lunch for Dad’s office today for Christmas, so the kids and I went to help!  HaHa – We sure aren’t a lot of fun, but by george we all looked cute!  hehe!

I wish I had a picture.  Us ladies wore matching Mrs. Claus aprons and the kiddos wore some of their matching Christmas clothes!  PRECIOUS!

It was great to see faces, new and old at Dad’s office!  He works with the best folks. 

After we got lunch all cleaned up, we set out for my dearest friend Heidi’s condo that is about a block or 2 from Daddy’s office.  Her and her hubby have been in just a few weeks and have really made it a home! 

Then – we finally went to ride the Pink Pig!  It was a fun thing -that I hope becomes a tradition!  Here are a few pictures —

Charlie and Heidi waiting in line

Browsing through all the Pink Goodies!  Thanks GG for the adorable ornaments for the kiddos!  A perfect keepsake!

Charlie and Heidi rode the first go round and had so much fun that Mama bought us a ticket to ride too!  MK couldn’t ride – so Heidi kept her for round 2!

Our precious crew!  What a great outing!  Even if we did spend 75% of our time wandering (aka LOST) in Lenox Mall!  You can tell we aint use to such NICE places -hehe!

Then we dropped Heidi Girl off at her Condo and started to head home about 5pm!  She lives across the street from the Atlanta Fish Market and well – hunger got the best of us and we finished our great day off with some incredible seafood!

Here is Charlie when we got here checking out the crabs and lobsters.  When we went to order, Mom told Charlie he was having chicken fingers (which is a serious joke if you know my lil man!).  He looked at her and said, “I told you I wanted LOBSTER!” and he was serious!  How will we ever afford to feed this child. His favorite foods are shrimp, tilapia, crab legs, and now LOBSTER!  However, we shared the Red Snapper and it was fabulous.  Charlie said if he couldn’t have lobster, he would have salmon (it is a good thing he can’t tell FISH apart!)

Can you tell MK enjoyed herself at dinner??  Forget toys, when you have precious shoes and toes are even better than that!!!

And – I wish I had pictures of all of us at dinner!   Dad and his coworker (whom we all Love and consider family) Scott joined us and made it the perfect evening!  Scott had the scallops (which are my FAVE, not Charlie’s though) and he shared one with me –  HHHHMMMMM – Heaven!

And in true MK fashion – she had to walk —

Thanks GG for loving on her!

The only downside is I miss my hubby, but he is home painting away!  Can’t wait to have a new bathroom and bedroom.  I’ll share pictures when the projects are all done!


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