Posted by: Katie Cottle | December 6, 2009

Oh – What a night!!!!

Last night we set out on a Christmas adventure.  We met some of our favorite people for dinner and a Christmas Extravaganza!  Let’s just say the evening didn’t go as planned —

1.  Leave for Carrollton 15 minutes late

2.  Start driving and find that it will take 30 minutes longer than planned to get there – MAKING us way late!

3.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t the only one ready to eat when we got there.  MK was due to eat at our arrival time and she reminded us of just how late we were.  I got to endure the nursing riding down the road (with MK in her carseat still) — Let me tell you that was NO fun!

4.  Thankfully traffic was not bad and we made up 15 minutes.  Keith and Tiffany ordered supper for us at The Lazy Donkey.   We arrived just in time to swallow our food whole and set out for the theater! 

5.  We get to the theater only to find out that the show didn’t start for another 45 minutes!!!!  Since we had plenty of time to kill – here are some pictures —

The Smiths

6.  We had great seats – 3rd row Center – so the kids could get snowed on!   MK fell asleep and all looked good!  After the very first scene when people clapped – MK woke up 😦

7.  Chad takes MK and stands in the back of the auditorium.  Charlie did great during the “Miracle on 34th Street” segment.  AND then there was “The Gift of the Magi” DIALOGUE!  Seriously – it lasted 40 minutes and that was the end of Charlie!  So we left before he even got to see the GRINCH (his favorite).

8.  We get to the car and head to Dairy Queen.  We were in need for several reasons:

  • We had promised Charlie ice cream (he had his adenoids removed on Thursday)
  • We hadn’t taken the time to savor our dinner – so we were hungry!
  • We needed to end the night on a good note! hehe

9.  While we are waiting for our delicious treats, Chad is programming the Garmin for the trip home!  He notes that it is only 22 miles to my parents and 60 plus to ours.  He suggests with a smile we go there.  Well – we did! 

10.  At 9:30, we showed up unannounced at my parents!!  My mom was so scared she called my daddy to answer the door!  They were thrilled to see us (at least that is what they said!)

11.  MK had been coughing off and on for a day or 2  — Only to find she had a 101 fever!! ugh!

12.  Keep in mind, we have no clothes – We did have the kids’ drugs, but that was all!

13.  MK slept in a new Christmas outfit that looked like PJs that was in her diaper bag.

14.  Charlie slept in a tshirt daddy had gotten him from work.  When his legs got cold – he wore my mom’s spanxs!!!  I wish I had a picture, but my Dad would have killed me!  They looked like leggings!!!

15.  Chad and I borrowed pjs from my parents.  It is a good thing we are all close in size!  I improvised since I had no nursing pads and stuffed my top with washcloths!!! (TMI, I know – but it adds to the story)

16.  Chad and I shared a toothbrush (that was big for me, because I am such a weird-o, I don’t even like to share toothpaste!)

17.  MK did very little sleeping thanks to her cough! But – other than that we all rested well!!!

18.  We had a yummy breakfast with M and D.  I went Grocery Shopping while MK napped and we set off for home!

19.  Upon arriving at home  -we were greeted by the smell of a burning candle — oops!  At least that was all!!!

Here is to a SILENT Night at the Cottle House —

Not holding my breath on that one!

and Keith and Tiffany – we did have a great time with y’all!!! 



  1. What a story! Glad to hear you guys are safe and sound!

  2. Next time we will need to get a very detailed description of each act – I wish that he could have made it to The Grinch- it was great, but oh dear….. The Christmas Carol that we were so excited about ended up being just be a Reading – of the WHOLE story!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooooo long – I told Parker to find out if they have an AR Test on it at school – because we just heard the whole book!!!!

    Funny!!! Well I am glad you all got home safely and that there was a HOME to come home to!!!!

    As always so good to see The Cottle Crew!!!

    Lots of Love!

  3. I bet your house smelled good with a candle burning that long….I have left one burning for days!! We loved that surprise visit. Charlie in the Spanx….Well, that’s another story.

  4. That is so funny! I could not stop laughing. It is all those events that create such great lasting memories.

  5. that’s pretty funny. i think vince and i would have killed each other. it’s good to see that when you guys have lemons you make lemonade 🙂

  6. Sounds like next year’s big Christmas box office hit to me! Somebody needs to call Hollywood!

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