Posted by: Katie Cottle | November 29, 2009

Jesse Tree: At our Home

Tomorrow starts the Jesse Tree.  This evening before I put Charlie to bed, the 2 of us went through his huge Christmas box of books, crafts, toys, etc.  In the box, was an apple ornament – – Guess I had good intentions of doing a Jesse Tree last year!!!

Anyways, tomorrow we start our Countdown to Jesus’s Birthday! 

I have the tree all set up and ready to go on my kitchen table –

The ornaments are in this box —

 which sits under the tree

The ornaments are in ziplock bags –

labeled and in order, by date —

Here is an example. Can you guess what Bible Story this goes with??

The Devotionals are Ready to GO on top of the ornaments (still not bound, but someday, right??)

We will gather as a family and do our devotional.  Ideally we will start our day with the devotion, but sometimes it will be at night!  Like tomorrow – Chad goes to work around 6am!!!!  Anyways, I am excited and so is Charlie!




  1. i cant wait to start mine with ava. where did u get ur tree.

  2. […] Part Two:  How we do it at our house… […]

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